How to Hire a Website Design Company

Jackie L.

As small business owners, we do a lot of things DIY- social media, marketing, and maybe even a website.  Designing a website can be a large task, especially for those who may have little to no experience.  Making sure it’s an effective design that attracts potential customers is extremely important.  Why? Almost 95% of first impressions are based on your website design! And sometimes, the templates that come with web hosting just don’t cut it.

That’s why it’s important to hire out help where you really need it.  If you are driven crazy but website design, it may be time to find a web designing firm!  Let’s look at a few things to look for when shopping for a website designing firm.

What Type of Website Do You Need?

Before you start messaging website design companies about designing your website, you need to know exactly what you need.  Think about the type of business you have and what the main focus is on the website (ecommerce, blog, etc).  This will help you find a website design company that fits your needs.

Check Them Out

Don’t hire a website design company just because they were the cheapest option!  There’s a few areas you should look at first before deciding on hiring help.  

First – Look at their own website.  Is it easy to use?  Do they have a portfolio of other websites they have designed?  If so, check those out.  Do you like what they create?  Do you see your own business website in their designs?

Second – How easy are they to speak with?  Website design companies should know that not everyone is a designer.  We do not all know how to code!  If they are using industry jargon with you and your head is spinning, ask them to speak more simply.  If communication seems difficult at any point and they don’t adjust their language to be easily understood, find another company.

Third – Figure out your most important feature on your website.  Does this company specialize in that?  Look at their success rates with creating this feature and it working like a customer magnet!

Testimonials & Social Proof

The single most effective means of learning if a website design company is a good fit will be in what their customers say.  Find any social proof or testimonials from their customers.  Hopefully, this is already on their website, but check out their social media and Google Business page to see both positive and negative experiences.


Don’t just hire a website design company off the bat.  Set up a meeting and ask about important things such as processes, stages of development, how many people are on the team, what happens if there are issues or bugs, and how they rate the performance of the website.  A company that has a thorough explanation of all that happens means you are in good hands.

Finding a website design company shouldn’t be a hassle or full of stress!  Making sure you know what you need and finding a company that specializes in that will make the process incredibly smooth, plus save you time and money!

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