How to Get User Generated Content

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User Generated Content (UGC) is a great tool in your marketing strategy.  This is content that you allow your customers or audience to create for you, thus relieving the stress of creating your own content all the time.  Usually, your customers will create the content voluntarily but you can also ask them to create something for you.

Many companies have launched successful UGC campaigns, such as Netflix, Adobe, and Apple.

Want to know how you can start inspiring some user generated content?  Read more below!

The Benefits of UGC

The main benefit of user generated content is that it can increase profits by almost 70%.  Customers and potential customers are more likely to decide to purchase from you due to another customers’ review or the (positive) content they created.  The more UGC you have, the more it will signal potential customers that you are definitely a company with quality products or services worth investing in.  

What Does UGC Do?

User generated content helps you build a community of customers around your brand.  And, since a large majority of potential customers try to avoid ads with pop-up blockers or just scroll by, UGC can reach those customers better than any ad would have.  

Like it was mentioned above, it helps you especially when you’ve had a creative content slump and can give you fresh perspectives into creating better, more engaging content your followers will enjoy.  This will lead to more social media engagement and increasing your visibility.

How to Get UGC

We’ll make it simple.  The first step to getting UGC is to set your goal.  What do you want to accomplish with user generated content?  Next, you will create a unique hashtag that participants can use so you can easily find all the amazing content they create.  Once you have the campaign description and rules outlined, take it to social media.  Explain clearly how people can participate.

As people begin to create the content, make sure you engage with them.  Go to their account, like, comment, and share (with permission, of course) their content.  If you miss this crucial step, then there was no point in the campaign!  Post content you enjoyed on your social media pages and website.  You can even use especially unique UGC in ad campaigns.

And the most important final step, gather analytics!  You want to see the demographics of your UGC so that you can create a better, more engaging campaign the next time!  You can even use the data to better your own marketing and content strategy as a whole!

With UGC, you can save time on content, engage your followers, and gather customer analytics like never before, helping your business in the long run.  Get seen more and help others make the purchase decision faster with content by real customers.

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