How to Be Successful at Pinterest

Jackie L.


Pinterest is a great platform that most businesses should be on.  Pinterest has grown to be the third largest social media platform in the world.  It’s very popular with women and a great place to really get creative with your content.  Not only can you pin content, but you can also have a business account and set up a shop, just like with Facebook and Instagram.

If you are looking to add Pinterest to your social media presence, we are going to give some tips on how to start it off right.  

How Often Should I Post?

Pinterest differs a bit on how often you should be posting, as opposed to other social media platforms.  It’s generally suggested, no matter what industry you are in, to post every day.  The least amount recommended in a day is 3 pins, but it can go as high as 30 times in a day.  Research other companies in your industry to get an idea of how often they post versus their engagement.  Take note of the repins and comments on their content.  This will help you gauge your own posting schedule.

Pinterest Engagement

While your followers will engage with you, there are a few ways you can engage with followers and others in your industry.  You will have a home feed, much like a feed on Instagram and Facebook.  Repin, like, and comment on pins you enjoy.  If you see another pinterest account you find interesting, follow them and start getting engaged on their pins.  

When it comes to your own content, pick a day or two to hash out your entire month of content.  This could be blog posts, interesting images, product explanations, and so on.  Check for content on your other platforms that you may be able to recycle.  Next, be sure to use relevant and unique keywords so that your pins are found at the top of feeds.  You can also use a scheduler, like Later or Smarterqueue to schedule your pins to other social media accounts you have.  Don’t be afraid to cross post!  

Now, for HouseKeeping...

Just like with every social media platform, you need to do a bit of work to keep everything you do relevant and showing up in people’s feeds.  Check the analytics and see what pins do well, and which can be updated to do better.  If you have evergreen content, use new images for those so they stay fresh.  Check your board’s performance to see what works and what doesn’t.  Start planning for the next month’s worth of content!  

Pinterest really is a fast growing social media platform used by both men and women.  It’s an amazing place to gather, share, and engage with others’ ideas.  So, get your products and information out there with Pinterest!

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