How to Grow Your Instagram Followers

Jackie L.

Ever since Instagram took off as the new up-and-coming tool in a business' marketing arsenal, utilizing this social media platform to the max is of the utmost importance. The simplicity of Instagram draws many types of people - 800 million users to be exact with the majority of them under the age of 35, according to Statista. With that many people, and more signing up every day, the possibilities for follower growth are endless.

If you started your Instagram business account, you may be wondering how you can attain a high number of followers and engage with them. We have a few helpful tips for you that are simple and can be applied today to your social media marketing strategy.

And the Winner is…

It's important to get your followers engaged with you and each other. A fun way to do this is to hold a photo contest. This is a chance to have your followers contribute to your content with photos they take of your products. Use a creative hashtag that is specific to the contest, so it is easier for you to track the contestants. Make sure to have a special prize for those that win. It can be having their photo featured on the website, a freebie, or a year supply of your product. The sky's the limit!

Build the Bridge Between Facebook and Instagram

Facebook owns Instagram, so setting up a connection between the two is very simple. Studies show that companies that link the two together get more engagement than those that don't. Photo posts are shown to do much better than just written content alone. You may think that this may seem redundant to post the same content in both places, but you'll be reaching Facebook users who may not use Instagram, thus encouraging them to sign up and follow you there also.

Use #Hashtags, But Not Too Many

Hashtags are essential when posting to Instagram. Creating a unique hashtag specific to your brand is key to getting your image out there. Others can use this hashtag which creates a path back to you and your business. However, don't go overboard with the hashtags. The Golden Rule is 1-2 hashtags per post, maybe even 3 would be OK. Avoid going over 10 hashtags as this will make your wonderful thought out content looking like spam.

Follow the Trends

You will need to do a bit of detective work a couple of times a month to find the latest trends on Instagram. Once you find these, find a way to work into your own content. Also, check your most popular posts and re-create those with a fresh, new take for content creation.

Promote Your Instagram

Promoting online, with websites, Facebook, and other avenues, are vital, however don't forget about promoting your Instagram account offline, too. Some ways to promote offline include at events, traditional marketing materials, business cards, and in everyday conversations.

We hope you found these tips on growing your followers on Instagram helpful. Always know that our expert staff is here waiting to assist you with your Instagram business. Send us a message today!

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