Getting Your Social Media Fans to Fall in Love with You

Jackie L.


In a previous blog, we’ve walked through the process on how to double, or even triple, your Instagram following so, it is now time to think about how to keep those followers. The best part after getting the followers is finding inventive ways to get them engaged. We are going to share some fun tips on how to keep your 1,000s, or even 10,000s, of followers' interests piqued and loving what you do best!

Have a Consistent Schedule

The first thing your followers are going to want to see each time they open their Instagram or visit you is a consistent posting of well thought out content. If you post every Wednesday, your followers will grow to know to come check out your content every Wednesday. Miss one posting, and there's a risk to losing those followers.

If you are busy with other aspects of your business, have a look into a social media scheduler. You can post days, weeks, even months ahead and have it automatically posted to your Instagram account without doing a thing. Create your awesome content and schedule it to be posted.

Make Yourself Accessible

When your followers visit your Instagram, can they easily see your contact information or website? If not, that will have an enormous effect on whether followers will stay. Giving your followers and fans obvious and clear contact methods lets them know they can contact you anytime, and that you will be there to help or answer any questions.

Get a Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing is quickly becoming a vital tool in your marketing arsenal. Making sure you have quality content that will reach your followers and get them engaged. It is important for business growth and getting your brand out there to the platforms they use most. Also, don't be afraid to share your followers content. This will create a sense of community. Use images that your customers take of your product. Did they have something kind to say about the amazing customer service you provided? Share it. Get your fans talking about it. Connect your followers and you together.

You Get a Car! And You Get a Car! Giveaways Galore!

Contests and giveaways are not only a great way to increase the number of new followers and customers, but is also something that will keep your current base coming back for more. Even if those fans didn't win your contest this time, they will be sure to look forward to the next one. Create amazing promotions to keep them interested in your brand and sharing it with their friends and families.

I'm Ready for My Closeup, Mr. DeMille

While written content is one great content tool, posts with videos and images will do even better with your followers. Great images get shared over and over until they become viral. Take the time to create great images for your social media followers.

Videos are also more likely to be watched and shared than images or written content alone. Video offers a window into your life, which will make your customers feel connected to you. They can put a trustworthy face on your brand, which will encourage them to purchase more or visit your website for more details. Be as creative as you want with this visual content strategies! The sky's the limit.

We hoped that you found these tips helpful in creating quality content for your fans and followers, in whatever social media platform you may use. Are there are strategies that you found worked best for you and your business? Share them with us below!

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