Gain More Followers Organically on Youtube

Jackie L.


Youtube is one of the most used platforms for videos.  Beginning in 2005, it has grown to be a search engine second only to Google.  Up to 74% of US adults currently use Youtube, whether to find how-to videos or watch their favorite shows.  This number is expected to keep growing.  

Youtube is a great place for your business to share long form content.  With so many viewers on Youtube, there’s always a way to gain more followers on your account.  If you are looking to increase your followers on your channel, check out these 4 tips now!

Ask Them to Subscribe

It may feel strange to outright ask viewers to subscribe to your channel right before or after your video ends.  If you don’t ask, they don’t know what to do after watching your video!  This is another way to have a Call-to-Action in your video.  It’s not selfish to ask them to subscribe, since you think the content you put out is worth their time.

You can put this Call-to-Action at the beginning or end of your video, which ever feels best, but always ask your audience to subscribe!  You can also use Youtube’s clickable tools to add a button to your videos that anyone can click to subscribe.

Engage. Engage. Engage.

Just like any social media platform, you have to engage your audience on Youtube.  If someone leaves a comment, be sure to reply in a timely manner.  The less you engage with them on your channel, the less likely they will be to subscribe and watch more.  Create a sense of community, with followers and fellow Youtubers in your industry.  The bigger the community you build, the more success you will find by reaching the audience you want.

What’s Next?

Don’t just end your video with a thank you for watching.  Let your viewers know what is coming up.  This gives them something to look forward to and will encourage them to come back.  Play it up to really get them interested in all the amazing stuff you’ll be coming out with.  The more they have to look forward to, the better chance they will subscribe to your channel

Brand Your Thumbnails

One way to look professional, without all the professional equipment, is branded thumbnails.  These are small images that appear over your videos, so it’s the first thing visitors see on your channel.  Make sure to brand them according to your business.  Make them as simplistic or interesting as you like.  Don’t forget to add your logo.  Not only does consistent thumbnail design help make your channel look clean and professional, but it will help new visitors browse your content.  

Growing your Youtube followers organically will take your business much farther than buying followers or posting content without a plan.  The better content you put out, with clear Calls-to-Action, and consistent thumbnail art, is sure to help you grow a strong following!

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