Gain More Followers on Twitter

Jackie L.


Twitter is a social media platform that has grown in popularity in recent years.  With 192 million active users every day, it’s a great place to try and market to a whole new target audience.  Depending on your industry, you may want to start growing your Twitter account, just as you would your other social media.

If you’ve read our beginner’s guide to starting a business account on Twitter, you’ll love these tips to grow your followers organically!

Who Uses Twitter?

According to a survey conducted by Oberlo, of the 192 million active users on twitter, around 20% are located in the US.   Over 60% of users are male with an average age of 40 years old.

Now that we know who our audience is, let’s look at ways to grow yours!

Get Visual

Tweets that use images are more likely to get engagement than with a written one.  We’ve said before how images in general tend to enhance or perform better, and it’s the same with Twitter.  Use eye-catching images that really get your message across.  Try to avoid relying on stock images.  While using some stock images on your account is OK, try to get out and take images with your own camera or phone.

Call Their Attention

This is a highly unused amazing marketing tool, the “@” symbol.  These are used for mentions, and they work great at grabbing the attention you want with your tweet.  We recommend using a mention with someone in your industry that you would like to get their, and their followers, attention.  Mentions help followers know about you and will go over to see what you’re about.

We also recommend using this when responding to commenters.  This will help followers know who you are talking to, plus the mentioned user will directly see your response.

Follow Friday

This weekly event is meant to help you and others follow accounts.  These are recommendations to your followers so that they can follow those accounts, too.  This is also a great way for you to follow new accounts that could become business contacts or even better, potential customers!

Post Consistently

The one most important thing we stress all the time is the need for consistency.  If you post on a consistent schedule, your followers are more likely to stay, and you’ll snag some new ones.  If you need help with posting on a schedule, consider signing up for a social media scheduler, like Buffer or Smarterqueue.  When you get a scheduler to post for you, you gain time and energy to dedicate to other areas of your business.  And who doesn’t want more time?

Twitter is a great platform to market to a wider audience and attract more potential customers.  Organically growing your following by engaging with them and posting consistently with value-packed content is the best route.

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