• Free Google Marketing Tools

    FREE Google Marketing Tools

    If you are struggling with getting your new business found and in the faces of your potential customers, then there's a good chance you are likely looking for the fastest and cheapest way to promote your business. As a new business owner, every dollar matters, you should be looking to save where you can and spend wisely where you need to. Marketing can be expensive and  time consuming. Lucky for you, Google has a plethora of free tools to choose from that are easy to use, highly effective, and best of all FREE.

    We've put together a list of FREE Google applications that will make marketing for your business simpler and get you on your feet in no time. Feel free to share this with as many entrepreneurs as you can so they too can save money on gimmicky marketing schemes.

    Google Mail - Gmail

    Most of you might already have a Gmail account that you use for personal use, but little did you know this could also help you launch your business' first email marketing campaign for free. Its great for reaching around 2000 people at a time and with the help of a plugin like Flashissue, you can easily build HTML newsletters from pre-design templates or build your own design if you feel creative and bold. Sure, it's not a long term solution, but you can get started quickly and once you grow your audience, then you can pursue other options for email marketing like mailchimp or aweber.

    Google My Business

    If you want to be found by the customers closest to you, then creating a Google My Business profile is the first step. Think of Google My Business as an online directory that helps you to promote your business locally and put your company's profile in local Google search and Google map results. There are several helpful actions advantages of Google My Business for local companies that allow businesses to manage their online presence by verifying and updating their company's contact information, hours of operation, correct phone number and email addresses. Business owners can also attract interest in their company by uploading photos of their business and most importantly interact with their customers by directly addressing their questions on concerns.

    Google Adwords Keyword Planner

    Targeting the right audience for your business is one of the most important aspects of marketing your company effectively. Finding the people who want what you got, is not only going to help with web traffic, but it also plays a big role in converting visitors to customers. Utilizing Google's Keyword Planner gives you the ability to find out what keywords are being searched the most so that you can include those key terms in your website's' content. Keyword research will help you boost your organic SEO and get you on the right track to identifying the right audience.

    Google Alerts

    This is an easy way to stay current with the latest news, industry trends, mentions of your brand, or do some competitor analysis. Setting up Google Alerts allow you to receive notifications straight to your inbox without having to go and search for them manually every time.  When you enter a search query, you will get a sample of the results you would receive and the option to have them delivered regularly to your email inbox. It's like having your own personal assistant fetch the latest information for you. How cool is that?!

    Google Analytics

    How many visitors does your website receive? How long are they staying? Are they new visitors or returning visitors? Which pages are they visiting? Google Analytics helps you answers all of these questions. The best part for you, it's completely FREE. The saying goes, "You can't improve, what you can't measure."  Analytics gives you smarter insight into your website traffic and helps you understand how people are finding and navigating your site. Before you start making any changes to your website, start by collecting data, then analyze your data and pinpoint what is working and what isn't. It's that simple.

    As Houston Web Design Experts we help businesses identify how to optimize their websites for greater online exposure and provide them with the tools and guidance to succeed in a competitive online market. Taking advantage of the FREE tools mentioned above is the most inexpensive method of getting your business and website off the ground. Enjoy!

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