Fix that Email Newsletter Design Now!

Jackie L.

Email marketing should be one of the main tools you use to reach out to your customer base.  They are your superfans.  Half of all customers who read those marketing emails purchase from them.  They gave you their email addresses to know more about what you do and how you can help them.  But you may be noticing that your click and open rates are dismal for the number of subscribers you have. Maybe you have committed some of these mistakes with your email!

Or, it could be your email design.  Let’s look at the best ways to design a newsletter!

Before They Open a Newsletter

Before they open your awesome email, they are looking at three places: who it’s from, what the subject line is, and the pre-header text.  How can we make these things better?

Name: make sure it’s your business name so they know who this is from.

Subject:  make the subject line enticing, simple, and clear.  Stay away from clickbait titles.

Pretext: This is an extension of your subject line.  Let them know exactly what they can expect to read in the email.  Don’t be too wordy, but be clear and to the point.

The Layout

Remember, reading email on desktop is not the top way that people access their inbox!  So, your email design should be simplified and uncluttered.  Stick to a single column as this is the best design for both desktop and mobile phones.

Make sure the order you put your content in makes sense to the reader.  If you jump from topic to topic, the reader is more likely to close the email, or worse, delete it.

Divide up topics by colorful, large type headers.  This makes seeing where content ends and where it begins much easier for the reader.  Plus they can scan the email to see which topic speaks most to them.

Keep in mind that some people are colorblind, so be mindful of your color choices.  Use alt text for those who have their device read text to them.  The easier you make it for everyone to read, the more opens you will have on your next newsletter.

Design has a huge effect on whether or not your subscribers are going to open that email newsletter or just let it go by the wayside.  Make it easy, simple, and clear in what you want them to know. The easier it is to get the information, the more they will love your newsletters!

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