Email Marketing Etiquette 101

Jackie L.

Email marketing is a very common way for businesses to build a customer base. There's so much you can do with an email newsletter to reach your loyal and potential customers. However, most potential customers will roll their eyes at and delete a business' marketing email before opening it. If you want to guarantee more potential customers opening your newsletter, rather than just sending it to the trash, there's an special etiquette system to follow. We present to you an etiquette crash course on the Dos and Dont's of email marketing, so that your next campaign is a success.


Remember there's a person receiving your email. When creating your campaign, put yourself in your potential customer's shoes. They are a person, just like you, and they don't want to be bombarded by typical campaigns that make them feel like a dollar sign in a company's eyes. Make sure your email is personable and thoughtful, showing that you care about their needs.

Keep it short, sweet. and correctly spelled. Present what you are selling in as short and sweet an email as possible. Get to your point quickly and show them the benefits up front of doing business with you. Keep your paragraphs clear and concise so your potential customer can easily understand what it is you are presenting to them. Double check all grammar, punctuation, and spelling before sending out your email.

The subject line says it all. The best way to encourage more click throughs is to condense the email contents in the subject line. Also, create a subject line that is unique, asks a question to your audience, or gives a call to action.

Let them know who you are. Make sure they can see clearly before opening the email who your company is. Use your business name in the "from" area of the email. Include a very visible company logo with your URL, company address, and contact information in the email body. Also include icons linked to all your social media accounts so they can further engage with you and your community.


Refrain from using all caps and multiple punctuation marks. Nothing says unprofessional than receiving an email newsletter filled with the overuse of both of the above mentioned. Keep capital letters for the usual, such as at the beginning of sentences and for names. Multiple exclamation points or question marks are unnecessary as just one is enough to get your point across.

Avoid sending an email just because. To a potential customer, this can be seen as spam and warrants a swift toss to the virtual trash can. When sending an email campaign, make sure you have a definite purpose for it. Potential customers will be more likely to do business with someone who sends a well thought out and unique email newsletter once a month, than a company that sends them multiple times a week. According to Omnisend, the best way to get more click through for email marketing campaigns would be to schedule them at least once a week.

Is your unsubscribe link visible? While we don't want customers to unsubscribe to our newsletters, sometimes it is inevitable. However, do not try to hide the unsubscribe link in your newsletters to avoid this. It could shine a negative light on a company that a customer feels may be forcing them to receive these emails. Make sure this link is highly visible as your customers will feel free to come and go as they please.

As always, have fun and be creative with your marketing campaign. Being honest and personable with go a long way to building your customer base quickly and successfully.
Do you have further questions about creating a successful email marketing strategy? Send us a message today so our staff can assist and work with you to build the most effective strategy possible for your business.

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