Ecommerce Websites: Tips to Increase Profits and Conversion Rates

Jackie L.


There are many ways to increase your profits and customer base with your ecommerce website.  We want to convince visitors and loyal customers to purchase from you, and not the competition.  If you are finding that your profits have plateaued or are decreasing, check out some of these easy tips to get your ecommerce store back on track.

Use Coupons

Customers love a bargain.  Coupons are a great way to entice potential and returning customers to make the decision to purchase from your ecommerce store.  You can accomplish this by sending your newsletter subscribers a coupon code for their next purchase, which can be anything from a percentage off a total purchase or free shipping.

On Your Ecommerce Site…

How does it benefit the customer?  Every ecommerce website has the product features.  Also explain or show how the product benefits the customer.  Once the customer sees how it will help them or make their life better, they are more likely to purchase the product.

Display Reviews –  Customers are more likely to buy your product if they can see what others are saying about it.  Make sure the reviews are easy to find and showcase the items.

Offer Freebies – Shipping and Returns are a big determining factor in a customer’s purchase decision.  Try offering free shipping, with limitations or not, or an easy or free return process.  Knowing that they don’t have to shell out more than the product to receive it, and that they can exchange the product easily, goes a long way for customers.

Show How Secure You Are – In this day and age, security while shopping is a concern for all customers.  If you have the best security money can buy, display the emblem in easy view.  Monetize Pros has a great article on the trust badges that make customers feel safe to make purchases at your ecommerce store.

Don’t Let the Website Slow Them Down – A slow website can really affect your profits.  Customers, on average, have an attention span of 8 seconds.  So, if your website is slowly loading like molasses rolling down a tree on a cold day, it’s time to rethink your website design.  Run a few tests to see where the lag is occurring and fix the issues, so your customers have a quick and smooth shopping experience.

Welcome Guest Shoppers – Not every visitor to your ecommerce store wants to sign up for an account, and that’s OK.  Allowing guest shoppers will encourage any visitor to purchase from you.  This is another great way to help make the shopping experience quick for the customer, and make them a repeat visitor.

What Else Can I Do?

Abandoned Carts – You will always have some customers abandoning their carts at your ecommerce store.  The reasons can vary, but this is another great time to entice them to purchase from you.  If your website is equipped for it, send out abandoned cart reminder emails.  Let them know the benefits of shopping with you and make it easy to revisit their cart with Call-to-Action buttons.

Short and Sweet Forms – If you have sign-up forms on your ecommerce website, make sure they have the minimum amount of information fields.  This is another time-saving feature you can use to increase conversion rates.  The faster they can make a purchase, the more likely they will buy from you!


Now you have some great tips to make the shopping experience the best it can be for your customers and visitors.  Got a great tip that’s worked for your ecommerce store?  Share it with us below!

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