5 Tips for a Great Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

Jackie L.


Ecommerce is quickly becoming the biggest business that new entrepreneurs are flocking to in great numbers.  With so many platforms to help you get your start-up off the ground, we can see how enticing setting up your own store can be.  Before you fill your store with products,, it's time to think about your marketing plan.  Every startup needs a well-thought out marketing strategy, or else no one will know you exist!

If you are finally taking the leap and starting your own business with Ecommerce, check out some tips to make your marketing strategy the best that it can be.

Make a Plan

Once you have your idea for your Ecommerce business, begin your marketing strategy.  This part may take some time, as you have to research your target audience, which social media outlets they use most, and deciding on your content creation.

Think About Your Content

You are going to have to have content in order to reach your target audience and connect with them.  While it can be much easier to share others content, we highly recommend creating your own.  Not only will your customers appreciate the work you put into original content, it will help them connect with you faster, which leads to long-lasting relationships with them.

To help you save time and money, think about utilizing User Generated Content.  This is content that is created by unpaid contributors, such as fans or followers, as stated by Tint Up.  You can also check out the article about other great ideas for User Generated Content.

Find (or Create) Your Poster Child

Customers, and potential customers, want a face that they can instantly recognize when they hear your company name.  You can be the face of your company, or you can get creative and use a mascot (think Aflac or Geico).  Mascots can be a great way to even increase revenue.  In Japan, mascots are more popular than the highest paid actors.

Stay Up-to-Date with News in Your Industry

The best way to keep creating amazing content is to stay up-to-date with what's happening in your industry.  If you see something that can help your customers, break it down and create a content piece that will help them understand.  This will also show you are an expert in your industry, which will in turn grow trust with your audience and others in your field.

Don't Forget Mobile Users

According to Statista, there were 136.3 million consumers making mobile purchases.  That's quite a few people, and a huge audience to tap into.  That is why it is so important to make sure your Ecommerce store is mobile friendly.  Also be sure to have marketing that fits for mobile users, which can include location specific ads and promoting the easy shopping experience you provide.

Once you have your Ecommerce marketing strategy in place, see what works and tweak things that are not.  Never leave your marketing strategy as is, because there's always room for improvement, which means ever increasing profits for you as our world changes with Ecommerce shopping.

Are you still finding it challenging to get a marketing strategy that is right for you and your business?  Message us today!  We are here to assist you.

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