Ecommerce 101: 4 Tips to Increase Profits

Jackie L.


Ecommerce is a great way to start your own business.  As with all business ventures, we want to make sure that profits are always increasing.  There will be times when we find sales plateauing, or worse, decreasing.  With the holiday season upon us, you are probably looking for ways to reach more customers and increase your sales.  There are many easy tactics to use that get you seeing results quick.  

Entice Customers with Discounts

Discounts are a great way to get people shopping at your Ecommerce website.  Everyone loves saving money and getting more bang for their buck.  Over 90% of customers use a coupon or discount code some time throughout the year.  There are many ways to offer discounts during the upcoming holiday season.  You can put some products on clearance, create a special coupon for those on your email list, or even make bundles of products at a reduced price.  

Highlight Your Product with Great Visuals

High quality images are so important, regardless of the type of website you have.  This goes doubly for Ecommerce websites.  The more customers can see the details of the product, the better.  Seeing a product from all sides with high resolution photos will allow the customer to make a more informed decision.  

You can also use videos to show customers how to use the product, or to spotlight great aspects of it that you want them to know about.

Think About the Twix Effect

We have all been to the grocery store and eyed the candy or breath mints while waiting in checkout.  While these products are pretty inexpensive, purchasing some can greatly affect a store’s Average Order Value (AOV).  One way you can do this is to have free shipping available for purchases over a certain dollar amount.  Amazon is a great example of this.  Have a few items available for people to purchase that will put them right over the edge to get free shipping.  Customers highly value free shipping when making a purchase.

Add a Live Chat

Live chat is a great addition to making sure you have amazing customer service.  Reaching companies by phone or email to resolve problems are crucial.  However, most customers don’t have the time to call you, or your email answer goes into their junk folder.  Live chats are an easy way for customers to get answers quickly.  You want to make sure your customers have a number of ways to get premium customer service experiences. 

Also, great customer service experience equals guaranteed sales and repeat purchases.

With these easy tips that you can use today can greatly increase your profits!  Get ready for the holidays and make sure your customers know that you are the business for all their shopping needs.

Need help adding a feature to your Ecommerce website to increase profits?  Send us a message today!

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