Create an Amazing About Us Page

Jackie L.


Let’s talk “About Us” pages.  This is one part of the website that we should not ignore.  About Us pages let potential customers know all about you and your company.  You aren’t trying to sell anything or promote any products on this page.  Customers want to know if your company is worth becoming a patron for.  You want to convey a strong, trustworthy brand, so the About Us page is the palace to do that.

If you want your About Us page to help you generate more traffic and purchases, check out these tips to make it a winner!

Use an Image of the Founder

Customers want to know the person who started it all.  Who are they and why did they start this company?  Using a photo of yourself (if you are the founder) is a great way to establish this.  It puts a face to the company.  Do your best to stay away from too many stock photos, as this can make the company seem like transparency is an issue.  Using images of real people in your company can help conversion rates increase by 35% or more! 

Stay Above the Fold

“Above the Fold” means the area of a website that is above the bottom of the browser.  This is the part that no one has to scroll anywhere to see it.  All your most valuable information should go above this line.  Potential customers usually have less than 8 seconds before their attention floats away.  If there is something important about your company, like a mission statement or fact, that you want the customers to see right away, put it here.

Tell a Story

As we have said, stories are a great media to connect emotionally and personally to customers.  You can tell a story about how the company was started.  Maybe there is an extraordinary employee who has something to share that changed the company.  Got a customer story that will WOW visitors?  Start writing about it!  Storytelling is one of the most popular ways to communicate with visitors and customers.  Plus, everyone loves a good story.

Add a Call-to-Action

Adding a Call-to-Action on your About Us page is a great way to capture more customer data.  Once people are hooked on your company, have a CTA where they can subscribe to a newsletter.  If you have an awesome blog and want people to stay updated, invite them to subscribe.  Don’t be afraid of letting visitors know they can join you with a great CTA on your page.

It’s pretty clear that About Us pages are just as important as any other area of our website.  They are the place that visitors can learn about our company and employees.  A great About Us page can propel conversion rates and sales, if we take the time to craft a truly great story.

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