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Jackie L.


We are halfway through 2020!  How is your goal of making creative content coming along?  Our target audience expects meaningful and well thought out content.  We talked about how to start the New Year off right, content-wise, with a topic bank that you can always dive into.  Now’s a great time to revisit our content and see what works and what doesn’t.  It’s important that we update content ideas often, so we are always relevant and informative.

If you are looking to integrate something new into your topic bank or content strategy, check out these inventive ways to keep your audience hooked!

We Are In This Together

It can be hard to feel like we are connected to others in any way, shape or form.  That’s why content that reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles is a great piece of content.  Especially during a global crisis.  Sometimes we forget about the collective, or feel like we are the only one out there.  Take some time to create this meaningful piece of content in a blog, video, or live stream on social media.  Extra points go for those that do a facebook or instagram live story, which makes everyone feel even more connected than ever.

Inspire Action

Amazing content encourages and lites a fire inside our target audience to do more, or take action.  Blog posts that encourage them to take a further look into your product with how-to videos, have them sign up for your email newsletter, or join you in an action to make the world a better place go a long way

A Laugh Adds Years to Your Life

Comedy is a great way to help people.  Laughing helps us feel less stressed, and think more positively.  Over 70% of social media users go to these platforms to specifically have a laugh.  Social media is a great place to use memes, which are growing everyday in popularity.  Take a current meme and put your brand’s own creative (and funny!) spin on it!  Make customers laugh, and they will be sure to purchase from you.

Dress Up Something Common

Is there something out there your target audience knows about but have never thought of in a new way?  Share it with them!  Getting creative doesn’t always mean coming up with new and fresh ideas that no one has ever thought of before.  Sometimes, taking something we already know about but looking at another way can awaken new understandings in common everyday ideas.

As you can see, there are so many easy and creative ways to reach our audience and get them thinking and taking action.  The more you engage with them, the higher the chance you will convert them into loyal, repeat customers for life.

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