Content Strategy Tips for Linkedin

Jackie L.


Linkedin is one of the fastest growing social media platforms for businesses.  Did you know that almost 60% of users are looking for industry insights through Linkedin?  It’s a great place for you to share your knowledge and connect with others in your industry.  Not only can you make connections with others like you, you can also find the right people to hire.

If you are looking to become more active on Linkedin, take a look at how to create the perfect content post!

Keep it Short, Sweet, and a Little Unexpected

Keeping content short and sweet is a big theme for us.  Customers and visitors are looking to get information instantly.  This also applies to your Linkedin account.  Post your recent blog with a little tidbit to get connections clicking through.  You can also try some inspirational quotes that pertain to your industry.  Share educational infographics, presentations, and white papers.  

Don’t forget to get a little personal.  Get your connections engaged by asking questions or sharing your thoughts.  Engagement increases your conversion rates and connections.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are also important when posting to Linkedin.  You can use hashtags just like on your Facebook and Instagram.  Pay attention to what is trending on Linkedin for your industry.  Using popular or trending hashtags will give your content a higher chance of being seen.  Beware of broad hashtags as your content will be lost in the ocean of certain keywords.

Use Unique and Eye-catching Visuals

Making sure your social media design is on point is essential for platforms like Linkedin, too.  Visuals that catch your audience’s attention guarantee a higher success rate of your content of being read.  Visuals encourages 80% of visitors to read your content as opposed to a post without one.  

You can use stock photos, if you’re not confident in your design skills.  However, start practicing taking photos and using websites like Canva to create a winning design.  While stock photos are great, original images and visuals do much better with audiences.

It’s Not Me, It’s You.

No, you aren’t breaking up with anyone.  It truly isn’t about you at all.  Your content is 100% focused on your target audience and connections.  You are there to solve a problem for them.  Show them you have the answer.  Of course, share content highlighting you and your business, but the majority of content should be for your audience.  

Making sure you have the best content on Linkedin is key to success.  Help your audience and get them engaged by creating unique and thought-provoking content.  The best way to know if you are posting only the best is to put yourself in your audience’s shoes.  If you would definitely find this information helpful as a customer, then it’s a winning content piece!

What other ways have helped you create amazing content for Linkedin?  Share it in the comments below!

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