Content Marketing Strategies for Different Generations

Jackie L.


Every business and brand has a specific target audience. It may be millenials, baby boomers, or everyone between. Social media users are expected to reach beyond the 2 billion mark, which means your target audience is sure to include a little bit of everyone. This also means having to find the social media platforms they use most, what times they use them, and making different content specific to their group.

If finding inspiration for the right content to target at specific generations seems daunting, never fear! We have some amazing tips and tricks on how to reach your entire audience, no matter their age or generation.

Generation Z

Generation Z are people who are born from the mid 1990s to the early 2000s. They are the most technologically influenced, and this also includes social media. The top 2 social media platforms for Gen Z are Facebook and Vine. This is the generation in which you only have 8 seconds to get their attention.

How should you market to them?

Keep it short, with visuals and a chance to interact. You can try things like snap offers and discounts. Be authentic as possible, as this generation finds value in honesty and realness. The best time to post would be in the mornings when they wake up and when they finish work or school.


Millennials are those born between late 1970s to mid-1990s. Forty one percent use Facebook and are the generation most likely to make a purchase through social media. The large majority of millenials own a smartphone and use this as their main device to access the internet.

How do you connect to them?

The majority of millenials are on Facebook, so this is a great place to focus on them. Try finding a brand advocate, which millennials tend to trust more when thinking about purchasing a product or service. Create content based on things millenials care about in an artistic and unique way. Reviews and ratings will influence a millennial to purchase a product, so make sure you have these reviews in plain view on your website or social media platform.

Generation X

Gen Xers are people born between 1965 and 1976. This group is more likely to spend time on social media (which can be up to 7 hours a week) than Gen Z or Millennials. Only 8% of Gen Xers use Instagram but as many as 60% use Youtube. They are also shown to be the most likely to have brand loyalty, as compared to other generations.

How can you market to them?

Generation X is the one generation with the highest disposable income, which means they will most likely spend money on luxury items and services. Since around 60% access Youtube, focus on visually appealing and useful videos that engage their nostalgia. Keep things simple with one-step click through to websites. Call to Action campaigns work the best with this generation.

Baby Boomers

Those born between 1946 and 1964 are considered Baby Boomers. This generation is the least likely to have a smartphone. Facebook is the social media platform of choice for Baby Boomers, with around 85% of them having an account. They are also most likely to share politically driven content than other generations.

How can you connect with them?

Use quizzes and polls, as this generation is more likely to take them than others. Email campaigns work best with Baby Boomers as the vast majority access and correspond with email, so check out our guide on email marketing technique to create the perfect campaign. Refrain from Twitter as less than 10% for this generation use this social media platform. Instead, focus your marketing efforts on Facebook.

We hope you have a better idea on how each generation operates, their preferred social media platform, and how best to reach them. Should you need more assistance in creating the perfect content marketing campaign for your target audience, send us a message today!

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