Call-to-Action Techniques That Work

Jackie L.


For any campaign you create, whether it is an email newsletter or Facebook ad, having a Call-to-Action is a must if you want to gain followers or new customers. A Call-to-Action is pretty self-explanatory. It is usually a line of text or an image that prompts a visitor or customer to take action. The action can be subscribing to a newsletter, getting a discount on their purchase, or joining a online seminar.

If you want to create a Call-To-Action (CTA) that works, have a look at some of our recommendations to encourage more visitors to take action on your campaigns.

Use a Deadline

Having a CTA that creates a sense of urgency is a great way to encourage visitors to take action now and not later. A good Call-to-action emphasizes the importance that your call-to-action won’t be around forever and it’s important they take advantage of your offer as soon as possible. Use phrases like “Act now” “For a limited time only!” or “Today Only!”

Use Proof that Others Approve

Visitors are more likely to do business with you if they can see other customers are happy and doing business with you. This is a great time to use numbers to prove to visitors that you are a brand people can trust. Use phrases like “Join the other 3,000 subscribers” or “See what over 5,000 people love about us”. This will entice them to be a part of that amazing group of satisfied customers, and eases any worry they may have about trusting your product.

Let Them Know It’s Worry-Free

A big concern for visitors is whether or not they will like the product. They need to know what happens in case they are dissatisfied. Dispel these fears by including a worry-free guarantee for your product in the Call-to-Action. Using phrases like “Money Back Guarantee” or “30 Day Trial or Your Money Back” will ease any concerns the visitors have about trying your product or service, and will be more likely to take action.

Spark Their Curiosity

Getting visitors curious about what you have to offer and find out more is a great way to encourage them to click that CTA button. Spark their interests in what you have to offer. Use questions that will make them want to know the answer you have for them. Phrases like “Learn More” or “More Information here” will definitely encourage click through.

No Two Customers are Alike

This is where you need to know your target audience, and create a Call-to-Action campaign that focuses on their desires and values. It should show them that YOU are the one to help them, and encourages them to click that button. Every target audience is different, so research the colors, images, and even fonts that will reach out to them. If you thoroughly researched your target audience, creating the perfect Call-to-Action should be a cinch.

We hope you now find creating Call-to-Actions easier and working for you better than before. Have you found a way to increase the response to your Call-to-Actions? Let us know below!

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