Building a Website You’ll Love

Jackie L.


When you own a small business, it’s imperative to be connected to your audience through a website. According to a survey by GoDaddy, almost 60% of small businesses do not have a website. And, only 12% of those business have a Facebook Page. Most small businesses assume that budgeting for a professional looking website is out of reach, but there are a myriad of options available for all sorts of budgets and skill sets. Whether you want a complex website or a single page with the important details of your business, there’s something for everyone.

We are going to introduce a few of our favorite website hosting options from free to ultra professional, easy to complex.

Simple, Professional Designs for Nothing

There are so many options for free website hosting. This is a great choice for small businesses just starting out and who also don’t have much html or coding experience. It is all a simple drag-and-drop format with many designs and templates to choose from, for those new to website design. Most free plans include unlimited page creations, room for uploading images, and email options. The only downside to all these amazing features is that you receive a subdomain name that will include the name of the website host. So, we recommend to budget for the purchase of a domain name for your small business. Domain names are affordable and you can transfer them to free accounts easily.

Free and easy website hosting we love:, Weebly, Wix

Fairly Priced, Great for Those with New or Budding Website Design Skills

If you are looking for more template options, plugins, and great ecommerce set up, there are a variety of great website hosts that have fairly priced plans available. Many plans include offers like credit towards Google and Facebook Ads, free unlimited email set-up, and large or unlimited bandwidth. These are great for websites with videos and images and those who want a sleek, professional design. While templates are available, you can also test your skills with HTML and CSS.

Mid-Priced website hosting we love:, Joomla, Wix

Website Hosting that Challenges Your Design Skills

These website hosts are best for small businesses that need a system that can handle a large, complex website. If you need unlimited bandwidth and space, or have a website that is a complex online store, these types of website hosting are for you. Drupal is built to handle any extreme website you dream to design. If your website coding and design skills are advanced, or you have someone with advanced skills, we recommend this website provider. Companies like Whole Foods, Puma, and Honda used Drupal, so you can see the amazing things this provider can handle.

Website hosting we love in this category: Joomla,, Magento

No matter your skill set or budget, there isn’t a reason to not have a website for your small business. Take time to plan the type of website you want, how much you are able to budget, and what your skill sets are. Once you know what kind of website you want, you are ready to introduce your brand to potential customers online. Be sure to check out our article on tips for designing your website, too. Should you find yourself needing assist or advise, our staff is standing by! Send us a message today!

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