Be an Ace at Email Marketing Campaigns

Jackie L.


In a study by DMA, for every $1 you spend on an email campaign, you can expect up to $42 in return.  It goes to show that if you haven’t started down the path of email marketing yet, you should now.  Email newsletters are a great way to reach your current and potential audience.  There are so many creative ways to create a great newsletter.

If you aren’t sure the best place to start, check out these tips to help you create the best email marketing campaign.

Gather an Email List

You can’t have a great campaign if you have no one to send it to!  A good way to gather emails for your campaigns is a landing page.  Have a landing page set up just for signing up for the newsletter.  Let people know the benefits they can expect for signing up.  Create an enticing benefit, such as a sign up bonus, special offers for subscribers only, or advanced notice of sales.  Make sure your Call-to-Action is clear and they get all the information they need.

Make it Personal

If you haven’t utilized the personalization tags in an email newsletter, do so now!  Making the email feel personalized goes a long way with the customer.  You can take this a bit further by segmenting your email list once it grows.  This way, you can create more personal content that reaches a specific demographic.  The more you connect to the people on the other side of the internet, the more successful you will be in generating more leads.

Keep an Eye on the Data

Clicks and opens are good and all, but look at more data.  How many people subscribed?  Was a purchase made?  Knowing this helps you see how well your Call-to-Actions are working.  We want potential customers heading towards your end result, which is doing business with you.  Data helps businesses make the customer experience better.  Once you see a dip in data, look at how you can make the newsletter better.

Automate, Automate, Automate

As a busy entrepreneur, automation is your best friend.  Automation allows you to set emails to trigger for a specific action taken by a customer.  You can set up triggers for events like welcoming a new customer, follow ups, abandoned carts, and more.  Automated emails are a huge way of winning customers over, and makes sure you are fresh in their minds.

Beware of Becoming Spam

The biggest concern we have as a business is having our emails sent straight to spam.  There are many ways to avoid this possibility.  You can clean house in your email list by removing any emails that look like scam emails or those who deactivated their email accounts.  You can also give valuable and unique content that customers are more likely to enjoy.  This is where studying the newsletter analytics can tell you how to make a successful email campaign.

Making sure you have the best email marketing campaign all comes from knowing your target audience, making sure your campaign data is showing progress, and that customers are taking action.


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