Batch Creating Content for Small Business

Jackie L.

As small business owners, we tend to wear all the hats.  We are the owner, accountant, marketer, and so on.  It can be a lot, especially when social media is added to the mix. Some small businesses find working with social media daunting and a time suck.  The need to constantly create engaging content for followers can sometimes use more time and energy than intended.

That’s why you need to create your content in batches.  Creative content costs 60% less than traditional marketing tacts! Let’s look at how you can go about this and save your precious time!

Step 1: Pick a Day/Time

Whether you are creating static graphics, carousel posts or reels/tiktok videos, you want to schedule your time.  Find a day and time to set aside to work only on 1 month’s worth of content.  Usually, 1-2 hours is enough to get a large chunk of your content planned and created.

Step 2: Make a Plan

You will spend less time creating content when you have a plan in place.  You should have pillars, or topics, already picked out for your social media.  All content will be planned according to these topics.  When it comes to Reels/Tiktok, save the audio you like and assign the topics you will cover in the videos.  The more detailed your plan, the faster you can record videos.

Step 3: Set Up Your Space

Even though we have scheduled the time, sometimes we are just not feeling like creating.  Set up your space to get ready to record or create.  This will help signal to your brain that it’s time to get to work.  Jump in because once you get started, the creativity and groove will flow more easily!

Step 4: Start Creating!

Get creating!  Also leave time to edit videos, adding text, and writing captions.  Put this all into your scheduler (or plan this for another day) so you can set and forget!  Be sure to go back at the end of each month to see how content performed so you have an even better plan to create content your followers will love!

When you batch create content, you save time, money, and energy for other areas of your business that you need to also focus on.  This also allows you to get ahead of the game so that you can set and forget!

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