Backlinks: SEO Tips for Your Website

Jackie L.


Do you have quality backlinks on your business website?  If you are hearing the word “backlinks” for the first time, then it’s time to do an SEO audit of your website.  Backlinks are links to your website from outside sources.  This can come from a website featuring your article, a video, or other content that has a link that readers can click back to your website.  

Before you go rushing off to have your website listed on list websites, let’s take a breather.  You need quality backlinks in order for them to draw traffic to your website. Backlinks help build trust, authority, and relevance in your business.  

Let’s look at some ideas on how to get quality backlinks to your business website.

Help A Reporter out (HARO)

This is a great website that will give you a list of reporters and journalists that are looking for source quotes and information for their articles.  They are looking for those who have the authority to write on the subject they are researching.  Signing up is easy and you get every article needing a source right to your email inbox.  All you have to do is write a high quality pitch they can’t ignore and they are using your quote in their article, thus creating a backlink to your website.

Be a Guest Contributor

Another great quality backlink builder is to be a guest contributor on an online blog or magazine.  There are most likely many online magazines that feature contributors in your industry.  Find those, read the guidelines carefully, and start writing!  If you write a quality article that helps build trust for the readers, you’ll be having tons of traffic directed to your website!

Be a Podcast Guest

Podcasts are quickly becoming the most popular forms of content with more than ⅓ of the US population over 12 years of age listening to podcasts.  If you have something to say, reach out to a podcast to see if you can be a guest on their show!  Most podcasts will be looking for someone to interview and may have some specific guidelines for you to follow.  Look those up, and write a pitch they can’t ignore.

Reclaim Links

Just because we are mentioned by another person in a blog, doesn’t mean they have included a link to our website.  It’s important to find those mentions and kindly ask that they link to our websites (after thanking them for the shoutout, of course).  You can find any mentions of your brand or products with websites like Buzzsumo or  Hit up as many mentions as you can find.  Keep doing an audit of mentions every few months to stay on top of getting those backlinks added.

As you can see, getting backlinks to your website can be easy and creative.  There are many sources out there where you can contribute your expertise and gain more traffic to your website.  Backlinks are a great way to building trust and authority on more places on the internet.

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