Augmented Reality: Giving Customers Buying Power

Jackie L.

What is Augmented Reality?  Augmented Reality (not to be confused with Virtual Reality) is a way to use the customer's image and place it within a digital composite.  Depending on your industry, augmented reality can be a strong addition to your marketing strategy.  A great example of Augmented Reality is the popular game Pokemon GO.

How can AR help my customers?

People have many different ways to absorb information.  If you are like me, visuals are a great way to help a customer "see" how the product works for them.  They can interact with the product in a simulated environment, making the decision to buy much easier. AR can also provide the perfect opportunity for you and your customers to engage.  The more engagement you have with your business, the better experience your customers will have.  Thus, becoming loyal, repeat shoppers!  Over 70% of customers would prefer to shop at a store with augmented reality. Augmented reality also helps you.  You can decrease the chances that customer will return the product due to an unsatisfactory experience.  Because AR provides a visual idea of the product, the more educated decision your shoppers will make.

How can I implement AR in my store?

Augmented reality doesn't have to be difficult to add into your store.  Always start with a problem your customers have.  It could be how you can make shopping easier, or how to build a more satisfied customer service experience.  Your base always has a problem that only you can solve! As with everything, keep it simple.  This is the Golden Rule of a great shopping experience.  Use items, actions, and anything else that will be familiar to your customers.  The more natural it feels to shop at your AR app, the more likely visitors will make a purchase. Don't forget to add a great Call-to-Action!  Call to actions help your customers know what to do with what they have. As always, look at the data your app generates.  See what works and what doesn't.  Look at purchase numbers vs abandon carts, conversion rates, and so on.  This data is going to help you make the app better so, be sure to revisit the data each quarter to make the experience better.

What industries are using AR successfully?

There are many industries that are using AR with amazing results!  Fashion is a great industry using AR.  Give customers a chance to "try on" clothing before they purchase it.  Real estate is also great to show shoppers moving to new areas an idea of what the inside and outside of a house looks like without even being there.  Education also uses AR for teaching children to adults.  Travel industries, Gaming, and Music industries have utilized AR to bring the customer closer to their services and products. As you can see, using Augmented Reality is a great way to empower your customers, so they are making the most informed decision when shopping.  Give them that power and they will continue to do business with you. Interested in introducing AR to your store?  Contact us today!  We are happy to help!

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