8 Signs Your Business Needs a New Website Design

Luis J. Saldana


Research shows that users form an opinion about your website within the first 0.05 seconds.  What’s more, is that a significant percentage of a website’s first impression is related to its design. If your website is barely pulling a fraction of the traffic, it used to a year ago, something is terribly wrong. The chances are that the problem lies in your web design.  You can tweak a few aspects of the site, but a new website design could be the ultimate solution.

Here are the top signs that you need a new web design in Houston.


1. Your Website Is Not Optimized for Mobile Phones

Today, over 57% of global web traffic of all web traffic is coming through mobile phones. As a result, most of the people visiting your website will use their phones to do so. If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you could be losing out on more than half the traffic you should be getting. A mobile-friendly website accommodates consumers who prefer to use devices with small screens. It ensures that they can read the text on your website without zooming. Also, they get an adequate allowance for tapping on various options on the site. Investing in a mobile-friendly site design will put you back on the map.


2. Your Website Loads Slowly 

Once in a while, you should access your website like any other user. You will experience what your customers go through when trying to visit your website. As you do this test, focus on your website loading speed. If it takes more than 3 seconds for your site to load, a vast majority of the visitors will abandon it without fulfilling their needs. On top of that, Google’s algorithm is also sensitive to slow loading sites. If your website falls in this category, its visibility on the Google search engine results will be negatively affected.


3. Your Site Has a High Bounce Rate

Some users will view a single page of your website and navigate away. They will not take any further action that could be beneficial to your business. Web experts refer to this as ‘bounce rate.’ When testing your website, ensure that your bounce rate is below 56%. A high bounce rate usually means that visitors are struggling to navigate your website. For example, they could be experiencing some technical errors when trying to fulfill various needs. Additionally, a high bounce rate forces your potential customers to look for an alternative. Hence, they turn to your competitors.


4. Your Site Has Broken Links

Dead links or broken links will tremendously affect the user experience of your site. Web visitors are disappointed whenever they click on a link, only to hit a dead end. Broken links increase your bounce rate. On top of that, they can compromise your SEO.  When testing your website, ensure that you check for potential broken links. In case you find some, work with a Houston web design expert to resolve the issue.


5. Your Site Harbors a Lot of Outdated Content

Outdated content is an enemy of your web design. Sometimes, upgrading the content will not restore your website conversion rate. Moreover, outdated content will not attract or retain visitors. Businesses that publish new content several times a month tend to attract more visitors to their sites. If your website seems to have lost its mojo, it is time to refresh it. The exercise will entail designing a new website and uploading fresh content.


6. Your Website Features and Visuals Are Outdated

Over 500,000 websites are created globally every day. Most of these sites have meticulous visuals and intelligent features. However, they increase the competitiveness of businesses online. Hence, a website with outdated features and visuals has no chance. Experts recommend that you should upgrade your website every two or through years. Revamping your website every few years may not always impact your conversion and retention rate positively. A new web designer Houston could be what you need to turn things around.


7. Your Website Isn’t HTTPS

Cybersecurity and identity theft issues have become quite prevalent. Hackers are using any means possible to get their hands on the personal details of unsuspecting people. Websites with SSL certificates prevent this from happening. The certificates make it impossible for hackers to steal credit card information, personal identification, login information, and so on. When users get security warnings after clicking on your website, they are more inclined to shut down the operation. In doing so, you lose potential clients. When testing your site, check if HTTPS appears on your domain. If it doesn’t, it is time to commission a new web design.


8. You Have No Videos or Images

Blocks of written content without videos or images no longer augur well with the modern web visitors. People prefer an exciting site with palatable information and resources. They resonate well with video content because it seems to deliver certain messages faster. The bottom line is that the world is a video viewing society. That explains why social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube are extremely popular. Videos will give your website a boost. They break the monotony of blogs and articles. Unfortunately, some websites do not have the capacity to support adequate video content. If this is your current predicament, you need a new Houston web design. See to it that the new website structure is optimized for video content.


Work With Houston Experts to Get a New Website Design Today

If you feel that your website is not doing its job, the scenarios we have outlined above could be affecting its performance.  The good news is that a new website design can help eliminate this problem. We are a leading web design service provider in Houston. We offer a range of comprehensive services that include regular web updates and web design. With years of experience in web design under our belts, we are best suited to provide the help you need. Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to serve you.

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