6 Tips for Amazing Written Content

Jackie L.


Written content is the bread and butter of your content marketing strategy.  As business owners, we want to make sure our written content engages our audience and is interesting enough for our readers to keep wanting more.  According to Marketing Insider Group, written content is making a come-back!  However, if you are finding that your written content plan is falling short of your expectations, don't abandon it!  We have 6 tips to get your written content in front of more eyes and piquing everyone's interest.

Make it is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

The best way to grab your audience is to make it easy to understand the topic you are presenting.  The more direct and simple the content, the easier it is to read and gather information.  We're sure you researched your target audience so you know the concepts and topics that mean the most to them.  Before you write, break the topic down into a bullet list so you can pick out the most important points.  Choose which details to showcase and leave some for later, then ask your audience questions in your written content to learn more about what they value and want from you.

Be the First to Break the News

While we may not be journalists or on the ground when news is happening, being the first to respond to it is a great way to build an audience with written content.  The APP formula works best with responding to news stories.  Use news that your reader base agrees or identifies with, promise that your content can help them or make their world better and easier, then give them a sneak peek at content to look forward to in the future.

Make Your CTA Stand Out

Make sure your CTA (Call-to-Action) stands out so your readers know where to go for more information.  Make it clear and simple so they know what you want them to do.  You can use phrases like "Learn More", "Try it Free Now", or "Sign Up".  Make sure the text and font color stand out within your written content.  This will easily attract the reader to the link you want them to take action on.  Be sure to write compelling content that entices them to want to take action.  We have some great tips on how to make more readers want to answer your Call to Action.

Add a Little Bit of Humor

Humor is a great way to entertain your readers.  You can use sarcasm, give humorous commentary in real-time, or make a funny reference to a popular current event.  Make sure your humor is appropriate for the occasion and well timed.

Think Outside the Box with Images

Don't forget that including images in your written content makes it easier and more interesting to engage in.  Images are shown to boost the effectiveness of the written content.  Get creative and think outside the box with images.  You can use images specifically for social media and to help convey a certain emotion within your content.  Use original images and image creation tools, like Canva, to spice them up a bit.

Be a Storyteller

Storytelling is become the newest and best way to reach your audience, says One Spot.  Write content like it is a short story or use your own personal story.  Research your readership and find the facts to tell in your story.  Create a hero that your audience can identify with, and show the conflict that hero must face.  The conflict can be something your current readers are facing this moment.  Emphasize the moral of the story and how the hero finds the solution to the problem they face.

Have your creative juices started flowing yet?  Written content is a great way to reach your audience, and there are always ways to improve so that your audience keeps coming back for more.  Do you have any tips that help you create better written content?  Tell us in the comments below!

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