5 Ways to Create a Logo that Rocks

Jackie L.


Pepsi.  Adidas.  Target.

We all know these companies by just their logos.  We don't even need to see their names to know who they are and what they stand for.  Every business needs a logo that is unique, eye-catching, and instantly familiar.  We want our customers to know what the logo stands for, whether it be for trustworthiness, honesty, or great value.  If you are wondering whether your current logo needs an upgrade or are beginning your logo design process, we want to give you 5 tips to help you create, or re-create, your logo.

Shape Psychology

We've mentioned how color can affect your business.  The same goes for shapes.  When we see certain shapes, they can invoke emotions or convey a particular unspoken message.  Think about your company's values or how you want customers to view you.  If you're wondering what shape would be best for you, Creative Bloq has an article that goes over the various shapes and their meanings.  Are you looking for a positive emotional response, a sense of community, or peace communicated to your audience?  Go for a circular logo.  If you are looking for a message of balance and stability, try angular logos like triangles or squares.

How Unique is it?

Having a unique and eye-catching design or logo is something we highly recommend.  Think about your design.  Is it something that customers can instantly pick out amongst your competitors?  If not, it's time to redesign your logo.  Take Pepsi and Coca Cola, for instance.  If you pour each in a plain glass, the product looks the same.  However, their unique and distinctive logo designs placed on those glasses allow consumers to know exactly what they are drinking.

Keep It Simple

Complexity doesn't always translate well in a logo design.  Simplicity wins out in this department.  Simple logos are more easily recognized and remembered by your target audience.  Think of Facebook, Pinterest, or Target.  Extremely simple designs that are instantly recognized by the majority of the population.

Don't Forget the Negative Space

Never forget about the power of negative space in a logo.  You can create all sorts of meaningful aspects of a logo with this space, for example FedEx.  The negative space is used to create an arrow within it, which signifies what they are as a company; moving your packages from point A to point B.

Utilize Double Visual Entendre

If you are looking to have your logo contain more than one meaning, utilizing double visual entendre is the way to go.  You may be thinking, "which logos have double visual entendre?"  Take a look at the Amazon logo.  It's the company name and a smile.  If you look more closely at the smile, you will also see it doubles as an arrow connecting the "a" and "z" in "Amazon".  The logo conveys that Amazon is a company that will make you happy and has everything you can dream of buying from A to Z.

Creating or re-designing the perfect logo is an absolute must if you want brand recognition and your values instantly understood.  So, take time to really delve into how you want people to see your business, all through a simplistic and unique logo design.  If you find yourself running into a few roadblocks, send us a message today.  Our expert staff is ready and always willing to help.

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