5 Tips to Boost Mobile Conversions

Jackie L.


Are you noticing stagnant or decreasing mobile conversion rates? Want them to do better?  Accessing the internet through smartphones and tablets have become the most popular way people are looking for your products and services. More and more of your target audience is doing everything on mobile internet, which makes it a lucrative marketing area. If you’re wondering how you can adapt your digital marketing strategy for mobile, here are 5 of our most essential tips for boosting mobile conversions:

Boost Your Mobile Site Speed

Speed matters when it comes to getting more mobile conversions. Not to mention, search engines prioritize websites that are fast, and that includes your mobile site. To make your mobile website speed as fast as possible, you need optimize a theme or design for your mobile website. This means checking file sizes and types, how much wording you have, and whether your website has simple and clean design.

Have An Easy Navigation System

You will lose customers if your website navigation is hard to figure out. Your menu should be easy and clear to navigate. One way to do this is to add common and widely-used links to the menu bar to direct visitors where you want them to go. It’s also essential to lead users with Call-To-Actions (CTAs) through eye catching colors for buttons, arrows and texts.

Improve Website Design

First impressions are everything! Therefore, it’s crucial to have an amazing mobile website design.  It could be a customer’s first impression of your business, so wow your visitors. To make an excellent first impression, have an intriguing design made simple and easy to use.

Improve your site design by making a mobile-responsive one and pay attention to user flow. When you pay attention to the user flow, to see where you need to make improvements to better the user experience.

Use High-Quality Images

 Your site’s images will not only attract a user’s attention, but it might also help you establish a connection with them. Some of the best images to use are those of people or those that evoke  an emotion or memory in your visitors.  So, make sure that they are high-quality, so customers know that your products are worth buying.

Don’t forget to compress and resize images when you upload them. Usually, high-quality images tend to be heavy on the site and could contribute to its speed decrease.

Create Product Videos

Another way to gain more mobile conversions is through product videos. More than 50% of video content is viewed on a smartphone or tablet.  A video is one of the best ways to get the attention of mobile users today. You can post video content to Youtube, Instagram TV, or even Facebook.  So unleash your creativity and pour your content into video—it could be video walkthroughs, product features, testimonials, and the like.


Having a mobile-friendly website is a must if you build long lasting relationships with your customers. Plus, there is no better time for businesses to focus on increasing their mobile conversion rates. Implement these strategies and you will be able to see more significant growth for your business by tapping into a mobile market that is continually growing and evolving.

Create a mobile-friendly website that can clearly represent your business with the help of our web designers in Austin, TX. Contact us today for our reputable web designer services!

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