5 Tips for Success with Google Text Ads

Jackie L.


Google Ads is another great asset in your online marketing strategy as you move on from a beginner to a pro.  It's a tool that fits most budgets and only costs you went someone engages in the ad, whether by visiting your website or contacting you.  Google also has text ads, which allows you to advertise with text only.  Google has made text advertising better than ever by adding a third headline, a second description, and allowing up to 90 characters for each description.  This allows you to further your reach to untapped potential customers.

If you are interested in implementing a text ad through Google Ads, we have 5 great tips to making sure your money is well spent and driving traffic to your website or ecommerce store quickly.

Use Relevant Text in Your Ad

We've talked about using relevant keywords to get your website noticed on Google, and this is the same for creating your ad.  You will need to take the time to research the most relevant keywords that will bring your advert to the forefront of Google search when a customer is looking to make a purchase.  Make sure your advert contains the relevant keywords that will be used in Google's search engine.

Create a Strong Call-to-Action

No advert is complete without a Call-to-Action.  Without this, your customers won't know what to do when they see your ad.  An article at Protocol states that almost 90% of visitors who read your headline will also read your Call-to-Action copy.  When crafting your Call-to-Action, use colors that are eye-catching and choose words that inspire action, such as "Purchase Now", "Save Today", and "Get Yours Now".

Using a Countdown

Think of the times you clicked on an advert that took you to a landing page with a countdown timer or even a deadline in bold font.  Did it work in getting you to make a purchase?  If you're looking to quickly convert visitors to purchasing customers, using a countdown timer or stating a specific deadline for action can be very effective in encouraging them to make a purchase.

Use Emotion in Your Ad

The use of emotions in ads can increase conversion rates exponentially.  Once you've researched your target audience, you should know what emotion resonants the most with them. Consider both positive and negative emotions to encourage your visitors to take action.  Linkdex gives a nice graphic about how you can tap into your target audiences emotions.  By using emotions in your advert, it can increase your Click Through Rate by half.

Utilize Capitalization in Your Headline

Making sure your title catches a visitor's attention is paramount.  Write your headline in title case, which is capitalizing each word in your headline.  Title case has been shown to increase click through rates as opposed to sentence case, which is a headline that looks like a normal sentence.  Using title case is a sure fire way to get your headline the attention it deserves.

As you can see, incorporating Google text ads into your marketing strategy is a great way to increase your reach to new potential customers.  If you are interested in including and creating text ads for your business, send us a message today!  Our expert staff are always happy to get you on the track to success.

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