5 Things to Remember With Website Design

Jackie L.


Websites are the face of your business.  It’s the place where people can find your products and purchase them.  Every business needs an amazing website with a great design.  Making sure you have a website design that has the customer in mind is the key to success.  Over 75% of people judge a business’ credibility on their website design alone.

Sometimes, we may think we have a great website.  Other times, we create the website and we think that’s it and never update it.  If you are not revisiting your website design and consistently keeping it up to date with industry standards, it can mean lost revenue.  A poorly designed and out-of-date website can drive customers to your competitors.  Keep these design rules in mind, so that you have the best website out there.

Utilize Negative Space

When it comes to website design, or any art form, negative space is your best friend.  Some people may see negative space and think, “I have to fill that up with something”.  But wait!  You can make negative space work for you.  Negative space in design can create another aspect to your website.  You can even use it to convey a message, also.  

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

We may think a design that differs on every page keeps things interesting.  However, creating a  design that’s repetitive with minimal changes is much better for the customer.  This allows them to know where everything is, no matter where they go on your website.  This also makes your Call-to-Actions easily accessible.  

Be Clear and Concise

There’s nothing worse than a website that misses its own message.  By keeping your design minimal, you allow the customer to easily understand what your company is all about.  This creates a positive customer experience, which leads to making loyal, repeat customers.  Not only is the Minimalistic design trend popular, but it’s a design that works!

Be A Little Crazy!

While keeping things symmetric may be good for some, it might not be as eye catching.  Seeing an asymmetric aspect on a website easily draws the eye to that specific area.  Use random and unique elements in your website to create flow and where you want your visitors to look.  It gives a simplistic design contrast and adds an illusion of complexity.  You can use different sized shapes, text next to images, or contrasting colors.

It is All About the Color

Color is a great way to create amazing and unique website designs.  You can play with tint and brightness, giving you so many possibilities with just one single color.  Your whole website could be one color at various shades that creates a strong and clear message about your company.  It can also be used to draw the visitor’s eye to your Call-to-Action.  You can even have a gray scale with a pop of color to really liven up your website design. 

With these simple rules, you can have an amazing website design in minutes!  Remember to keep your design simple, your message clear, and always check in with your website analytics so you can optimize it to be even better for your customers.

Are you looking for a professional web design company in Texas?  Contact us today!  We are here to help you on the road to success.

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