5 Scientifcally Proven Ways to Increase Productivity

Jackie L.


As a successful entrepreneur, we can be the one doing it all; marketing, content creation, website development, and customer service.  However, we all have those days where we fall into slumps of not being the most productive.  If you find that your unproductive days are increasing or causing you to lose focus on keeping a successful business, we have 5 proven tips that can increase your productivity and help you get things done.

Work in a Warmer and Brighter Room

To get a better sleep, keeping the room temperature around 68 degrees is best.  However, it's not such a good idea when you need to be productive as you slay the business world.  Researchers suggest that keeping the temperature around 77 degrees in the room where you work will increase your productivity.  This also goes for the type of lighting in your room.  Working in a room with natural light will help you be more productive than one with artificial lighting.

This article at Buffer about the effects of light and temperature on productivity can help you make the perfect environment so you can work better and more efficiently.

Save Multitasking for Later

While we think multitasking can increase efficiency, it can actually have the opposite effect on productivity and efficiency.  Multitasking involves your attention being stretched in many directions, which can cause you to lose focus on important parts of projects.  Instead of one completed project, you end up having multiple unfinished or half-baked projects you won't be happy with in the end.  Try focusing on one project at a time, and see how much more productive you become!

Take Small Breaks

Sometimes we try to save time by pushing through until the project is complete.  While this is great in theory, researchers at the National University of Singapore found that taking small breaks, like browsing the web, can actually increase your productivity.  Just be sure not to fall down the rabbit hole though!  Set a timer so that you don't spend too much time surfing the web on your break.

Other great ways to use your break from the grind could be taking a short walk, grabbing some zzz's, or meditating for at least 5 minutes.

Difficult Tasks Should be Priority

To make your day is more productive, plan on tackling the most difficult or challenging tasks first.  These usually take the most time or research. Once these are done, you will be more productive on getting the smaller, easier tasks out of the way later on.

Add Some Life to Your Workspace

Do you have plants in your work area?  If not, this might be a great time to visit your local nursery and pick up a few.  Plants have been shown to increase productivity by 15%.  Plants are known to keep the air clean, reduce stress, and you can even talk to them!  Talk about a great co-worker!

Why Should I Worry about my Productivity?

Making sure you are productive during your day can help you tackle tasks and focus on the right tasks, so your business runs smoothly and efficiently.  Plus, nothing feels better than having the most productive day so you can focus more on a better business and a better life.

Do you have something that helps you be more productive?  Let us know in the comments below!

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