5 Reasons Your Website is Holding You Back

Jackie L.


When was the last time you looked at and optimized your website?  If you said "never", don't feel bad.  Most businesses tend to create a website and never go back to make it better, faster, and easier to use as times change.  If you find that your visitor numbers or conversion rates have decreased, it may be time to give your website a makeover.  Something as simple as optimizing your images can make or break your profits for the year.  That's why it is so important to always re-visit your website and ensure your customers are having the best experience possible.

Check out some of our tips to common problems that websites may have when it comes to optimization.

Your Website May Need a Facelift

No matter how long ago you created your website, have a quick look at it.  When you look at it, how do you feel?  If you find you are feeling something negative when you look at your website, then it's pretty certain your visitors and customers are feeling the same things too.  Don't let your website become the grandma in polyester clothing.  Audiences want to see a modern, simple design from businesses.  This conveys that your website is easy to use, and that you are trendy and organized.

Check out some design changes you can make at Odisey.

Don't Look Like an Amateur

While looking for the cheapest price to get your website designed, sometimes you really get what you pay for.  Make sure you get someone who is a great value with high quality work to design your website.  You want your website to look polished, professional, and first rate, which will lead customers to trust in you as your website can convey this simply just by how it looks.

The Pitfalls of Templates

Templates make everything easy.  If you are on a tight budget, you may rely on templates provided by your website host provider.  While some templates can work for websites, try to think outside the box.  Templates can make websites look cookie cutter-ish, which can really hurt in conveying how unique your brand is compared to your competitors.  Don't know enough about code to tweak a template?  You can either hire someone to help you take that template from boring to fabulous or take some affordable classes at Udemy.

Your Website is like a Labyrinth

While we all love the movie Labyrinth, no one likes a website to be one.  Customers will leave a website quicker than they found it if it's difficult to use.  You can conduct a number of tests to find out if you website is easy to use.

Don't Leave Me Loading

One thing that may be worse than a website that's hard to navigate is one that takes forever to load.  You only have, on average, 8 seconds to grab those potential customers and convert them into loyal, repeat ones.  You can improve load speed a number of ways, such as optimizing images, fixing any broken links, or uninstalling plugins you are not using.

We hope you are inspired to go over to your website and give it the makeover it needs.  There is always something that can be made better on your website, so we encourage you to schedule regular maintenance.  The better the experience your customer has, the more likely they are to return over and over again.

If you find your website is still not performing as you'd like, send us a message today!  We'd love to help you.

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