4 Ways to Prepare for Black Friday

Jackie L.


Black Friday is next week!  With the pandemic still raging on and the world of online shopping becoming the preferred way for customers to shop, you want to be ready with your Ecommerce store!  

This important day in retail is called Black Friday because it helps put accounting books in the black, as opposed to the red.  And no one wants to be in the red!  Almost every Ecommerce store will be having amazing Black Friday deals, and you want in on the action.  If you are still preparing for your sales, or have barely even begun, here are 4 last minute tips to help you get set up.

Offer A Variety of Payment Methods

Whether your Ecommerce store serves locally or has an international reach, you want to make sure your customers are able to pay.  While PayPal is a huge contender in the payment methods market, not everyone wants to or can use it.  That’s why you need a variety of ways for a customer to complete a purchase.  This is also important for the customer experience.  The easier you make it to checkout, the more likely they will come back.

Get Honest About Shipping

We’ve heard that there are massive shipping delays, and this will slow down even more once the holidays go into full swing on Thanksgiving.  Offer a wide variety of shipping methods for your customers to choose from.  Have a standard, affordable option for those not needing the product quickly.  Offer the fastest shipping method possible for those that need their purchase right away.

Also, be transparent about shipping.  Keeping the customer in the loop will help mitigate any negative experiences they will have with you and your business.  If shipping is delayed, send the customer an email telling them so.  

Double Check That Mobile Site!

Did you know that over 50% of customers are searching for online shopping options on their mobile phones?  That is why your mobile website must be ready and easy to use.  If it’s not, you still have time to go in and fix it up or have your design team help you.  You want your customers to buy from you from any device with ease.  Get on top of those mobile websites to increase purchases on Black Friday!

Plan Your Online Marketing

Make sure you have a solid plan and budget for marketing your Black Friday deals.  Start with your social media ads.  Think about your target audience, what their pain point is this season, and formulate the ad to speak that to them.  Next, work on your email newsletters.  Decide how many you will be sending out: before the sale, during, and a reminder of the deadline.  You can send more or less, depending on your audience.  Last, work on Google Ads.  This way, if people are searching for a product like yours, your Ecommerce website comes out as the top result.  Make sure you know who your target audience is, address their pain points, and tell them how you will solve their problems.

Do you feel better about your Black Friday sale strategy?  As long as you prepare, plan, and implement as such, you are guaranteed successful results!


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