4 Ways to Increase Website Conversion Rates

Jackie L.


Is your website’s conversion rate a little low?  Do you find it hard to turn visitors into customers?  It might be because of your website design.  Potential customers get their first impression of you from your website.  If it’s too cluttered, has an abstract design, or takes too long to load, this can all affect the conversion rate.  We want to make sure any potential customers are wowed to purchase from you!

Do you think your website needs help with its conversion rates?  Check out these 4 tips to help out!

Talk Up Your Product or Service

If you have generic descriptions of your products or service, don’t expect it to sell to potential customers.  Visitors are looking for a solution for their problems!  When they find your website, you want to grab their attention, and dollars, hook, line and sinker!  Talk up your product.  Explain why it’s different from your competitors.  Let them know what they can expect from the product and show them how it’s going to solve all their problems.

Use CTA Buttons

If you are using links to give your visitors a Call-to-Action, they may be missing it.  Buttons are shown to do much better than a linked phrase.  You can set these to eye-catching colors that grab their attention so they know where to go to take action and raise that conversion rate.  The more obvious you make it for them, the better.  You can also link images along with the CTA buttons because sometimes, customers will click those, too.

Create Landing Pages for Specific Ads

Landing pages are a great way to gather leads.  These are single page websites and have a very specific topic on them.  If you are using ads to direct traffic to your way, use a landing page.  This way, your customers are not bombarded with other information and can make an easy sale.  If you want to up your conversion, try adding a video to the landing page!  Landing pages with video can increase conversion rates by 86%!

Use Testimonials

Do you know what really helps conversion rates?  Reviews by existing customers!  Nothing is better for sales than real life customers giving rave reviews of your products and services!  Hopefully, you have been asking for feedback from your existing customers.  In your forms, let them know that these will be used as testimonials on your website.  The more testimonials you can recycle through, the better the conversion rate will be.

With these 4 easy ways to revamp that poorly performing website, you will slowly start to see more and more customers making purchases.  We recommend adapting one thing at a time so you can see what does the best for your conversion rates.  You’ll be seeing profits in no time!

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