4 Ways to Get Results with Email Marketing

Jackie L.


Email marketing is the best marketing tool you should be utilizing.  Due to the fickleness of social media, email is your only sure fire way to stay in contact with your followers.  Creating an email marketing strategy that drives results can be an art in itself.  You may find yourself struggling to get your email list to grow or don’t even know where to start.

If you want to start increasing conversion rates through your email marketing strategy, here are some tips to help you get the most out of it.

Don’t Purchase Contacts

One thing that is so greatly stressed is to never purchase email contacts.  This is true for social media, too.  Purchasing contacts is incredibly bad practice, despite being an easy shortcut.  All people on these purchased lists have not given their consent to receive emails from you.  You want to earn the trust of people who give their email to you in confidence.  This will be a journey, not a sprint, to the finish line when it comes to growing a successful email marketing strategy.

Don’t Ignore the Preview Text

Most of us have probably ignored this little, important detail when creating our email newsletter. If you forget or think it’s something we don’t need to fill out, email automation hosts may automatically fill it in with “can’t see images?” or other text suggesting that the email isn’t going to display properly.  Make sure to manually add something to the preview text that gives a rundown of what the subscriber can expect to see.

Repeat the CTA 

We want our subscribers to click on the CTA (Call to Action).  If we put it once, most subscribers may not click on it, or worse, even miss it.  Don’t be afraid to repeat the CTA buttons up to 3 times in a single email.  CTA buttons were 45% more likely to increase clicks, so utilize those! Some subscribers may click on that CTA after reading, but most won’t scroll down that far to see it.  Stick CTA buttons in the beginning, middle, and end of your email for maximum success.

Add a Subscribe Button

You might be wondering why you would add a subscribe button for people already receiving your email.  If your content is incredibly valuable, your email subscribers are probably forwarding the email to someone else.  That person may not be on your email list yet.  By providing a subscribe button, you give an easy way to do just that for those who are not subscribed.

With these 4 easy ways to help more subscribers click open those emails and answer the call to action, you will see conversion rates with your email marketing campaign soar to new heights.  As with social media, taking the time to grow your email list organically will benefit your business in the long run.


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