4 Unique Ways to Restart Your Creativity

Jackie L.

Creativity is an elusive concept that can be overflowing one minute and completely gone the next. According to a survey by Simplified, 31% of creative professionals suffer creative blocks due to tight deadlines and 30% due to the unwillingness of clients to take creative risks. When faced with a creative block, it’s important to find inspiration in unexpected places. In this blog, we will explore four unique strategies to reignite your creative spark and overcome those creative plateaus.

Find Inspiration in Unlikely Places

Inspiration can strike at any moment, even in the most mundane activities. Break away from your usual routine and become present in the world around you. Take a walk in nature, gaze at the sky, or observe people going about their daily lives. Engage in activities where your mind can wander freely. By seeking inspiration in unlikely places, you open yourself up to new perspectives and unexpected ideas that can fuel your creativity.

Break Through Your Blocks

When facing a creative block, sometimes the best solution is to step away from the problem. Closing your eyes, practicing breathwork, or trying mindfulness or meditation can help quiet your mind. Engage in physical exercise to change your focus. Physical activity stimulates the brain and releases endorphins, which can help alleviate stress and unlock new ways of thinking. By breaking through your blocks with these techniques, you create space for fresh ideas to flow through.

Break the Status Quo

Creativity thrives when we think outside the box. Break away from the status quo by questioning existing norms and considering alternative perspectives. Challenge yourself to change something in your creative process or the way you approach a problem. Experiment with different techniques and tools to spark new ideas. Get a little uncomfortable with the process. By breaking the status quo, you invite innovative thinking and allow your creativity to flourish.

Problem Solve and Find Connections That Don’t Exist Yet

To jumpstart your creativity, focus on problem-solving and finding connections that haven’t been made before. Identify gaps or missing pieces in your creative work. Seek out problems or challenges that need solutions and explore how you can contribute unique perspectives or ideas. By challenging yourself to find new connections, you stimulate your mind and foster a more creative mindset.

Creativity is a journey filled with peaks and valleys, and it’s essential to have strategies to restart your creative engine when it stalls. Creativity is not a finite resource; it’s a source within you that can be tapped into with the right mindset and practices. So, go forth, explore, and let your imagination soar to new heights.

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