4 Types of Content Your Followers Will Love

Jackie L.


Content is king when it comes to drawing in your audience.   Your audience is almost always online (3 out of 10 adults in the US, in fact!), which means they are looking for content to read that will be valuable to them.

The top ways we want to draw in our audience is to be consistently posting content on a schedule.  Whether it’s 2 or 10 times a month, we want to be showing up for our audience with valuable content that helps them, and makes you appear an authority in your industry.  

If you want to get a little creative with content, let’s look at the 4 types of content there are and an example of how to get creative with it!

Content that’s Entertaining

Your audience, no matter what industry you are in, are looking to be entertained.  Why not give them what they want?  This is a great form of content to really push outside the creative box.  You can entertain your audience with a variety of media, such as video, podcasts, or infographics.

We really love video content.  It’s one of the most consumed forms of information out there.  Almost any industry or business can create an educational video.  Without all the fancy equipment, you can film with good lighting (think outside, natural light) and the highest quality video your smartphone can record in.  Use a video editor like iMovie or OpenShot to make a professional looking video for your audience to learn more about how to use your product.

Content that Persuades

This type of content persuades your audience into doing business with you.  It may sound slimy, but it really isn’t.  We want to show our potential customers that we are the business for them.  We have the answers to their problems.  This can include influencer marketing, social proof, and even an About Us page.

One form of persuading content we love are newsletters.  Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing.  This is the best place to show your most interested customers that you are the business they want to purchase from.  You can fill the newsletter with promotions, staff stories, behind the scenes videos, and even special access to sales before the general public.

Content that Educates

There is always something new to learn, and your potential audience is most likely looking to learn more about you and what you can do for them.  By educating our audience, we empower them.  The more we empower them, the more likely they will purchase from you.  There are many ways to educate your audience, like product views, guides, and trend reports.

We really love webinars.  This is a great time to promote a free masterclass to give education to your audience.  Show them what you got, and they are sure to purchase your full line of products.

Content that Converts

We want to convert our followers and visitors into loyal customers.  This type of content is set up to reel them in as they research you and see all the other amazing information you have to give.  This can include FAQ pages, upfront pricing, and testimonials.

One type of converting content we love is utilizing your social media.  Social media is one of the top places to bring visibility to your business.  Some of the content you specially curate for social media can easily convert visitors into followers, and followers into customers.

Content is one of the top ways you will reel in your target audience and convert them into loyal, repeat customers.  So, if you curate your content specifically to show them you have the answers to their problems, you’re guaranteed a successful business.

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