4 Tips to Improve Your Business Website

Jackie L.


You have the most stellar business website.  It has all the things that customers need to find out about your products and service.  You spent a lot of time making it look this good.  However, you notice that it’s not converting customers the way you want it to be.  Maybe the number of conversions is stagnant, or abandoned carts have increased, or there’s no traffic coming to your website at all.

Every website will have a problem with attracting traffic or customer conversions.  You are definitely not alone!  To help you make sure your website is the best it can be, here’s a few tips to help you out.

Don’t Send Ad Traffic to Your Main Website

This can be a big problem if you are sending anyone who sees or engages with your ad to your business website homepage.  If you are advertising for a specific product or service and that ad doesn’t take them to a specific page to complete the sale, you have lost the customer.  There are several ways to help the customer make the purchase; create a customer landing page or have the ad take them directly to the service “buy now” page.  The easier you make the journey from ad to purchase, the more likely the customer is willing to buy.

Make Their Cart Visible

On most business websites, customers will have to navigate to their shopping cart to see what they have put in there.  This can usually lead to abandoned cart issues, which we want to avoid.  One way to curtail this is to have the shopping cart visible while they are shopping.  Have little thumbnails so they have a visual of their cart.  This way, it’s always in view so customers are less likely to forget about it, and it helps them navigate their cart without interrupting the shopping experience.

Clean Up Your Website

A messy business website with jumbles of images and text is 100% guaranteed to chase potential customers away.  When it’s too difficult to discern where to go, or even find what they are looking for, it will not help with the customer experience.  Make sure there is ample negative space, put the most important information first, and keep your color scheme simple.  If you have large chunks of text, break them up into small paragraphs of 2-3 sentences.  Remember, your customers do not have a lot of time and they want to find what they need ASAP.

Content That Speaks To Them

Content is the bread and butter to learning about you and your company.  The biggest thing is to make sure it is easily digestible.  Keep it under 1,000 words.  Also, you can forget about using industry jargon.  Keep the language simple and write as if you are a customer who is not in your industry.  Use as many action words as you can and include the CTA (Call to Action), which will encourage visitors to actually take action.

With these simple tips, you can begin to steer your business website onto the right path to high conversion.  Design your website with the customer in mind.  Keep things simple, to the point, and easy to use, and you will see profits rolling in. 

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