4 Tips to Become a Better Marketer

Jackie L.


As entrepreneurs, we wear many hats.  We are the designers, content creators, and marketers of our business.  Marketing most likely takes up the most time.  Marketing is the area that tells people about your business and product.  Almost 70% of small business owners say their top worry is finding new customers.  This can make marketing seem like a daunting task to those just starting, especially if you are new to the marketing game.

There’s no need to see marketing as an impossible task!  We have a few tips that can help you be a pro in no time, so you start seeing successful results quick.

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is a huge part of the content cake.   Your customers want to hear a story authored by you.  Stories allow the reader is connect more easily with the writer.  The writer has the ability to invoke emotion and memories of the reader.  Think of your favorite stories.  Apply what you loved about them to your content marketing strategy.  Storytelling is a creative and unique way to reach out and engage your target audience.  It can cross over to multiple channels, from blogs to social media.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome!

We’ve all seen the meme with Bear Grylls and his “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome” tag line.  As funny as the memes can be, there is truth to this phrase.  Having the ability to adapt to the constantly changing market you are in will determine whether you will be successful or find yourself at the bottom.  Be consistent in monitoring your niche market, the needs of your target audience, and adapt as these changes come.  Be willing to enter areas that may be outside your comfort zone.  

Know How to Talk to and Lead People

You may be the sole worker of your budding business, but one day, you will be the big boss.  Making sure you can connect, talk to, motivate and teach others will go a long way for your business.  These characteristics are also important for when you market to your target audience.  You are going to teach, advise, and motivate them through your products and content marketing.  They will look to you for the answers to their problems.  

Solve Complex Problems

Problem solving is an important skill to have as a marketer.  We use technology to gather all our data, and this helps us make decisions to better our company.  However, technology isn’t always the best.  It can cause more issues than we would like to admit.  However, having the ability to sort through the data and information to come to the next possible step in your business is the key to success.  If you feel problem solving is a challenging area, there’s always ways to improve!

Marketing is a challenge for many small businesses.  However, with practice, time, and learning from your target audience will lead you to be a pro marketer in no time.  

Do you have a great tip on becoming a better marketer?  Let us know in the comments below!

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