4 Tips for Writing Amazing Blog Content

Jackie L.


There are going to be a lot of people looking to the internet to get their entertainment, information, and education.  If you have a blog, there are many ways to draw a large audience with amazing content.  There are a few types of blog posts that attract readers and customers more than others.  A great way to know exactly what to write is knowing who your audience is, and what they want.

If you are looking to up your blog writing game, check out some of these fantastic elements to use in your blog posts today!

Ask for an Interview

A great way to reach your audience is to invite someone you admire or is a heavy hitter in your industry to an interview.  Not only does this allow their followers to find out about you, but also gives your followers new insights and different perspectives.

There are many ways to interview someone.  If they are in the same city as you, you can do face-to-face.  If not, you can conduct interviews on video conference software or record an audio call and use it in a podcast.

Create a Series

If you are looking to increase the number of prepared blog content, look into creating a series.  Topics that tend to get a little long can easily be broken down into parts.  No only does this give you content without having to think of more new topics, but also entices your audience to anxiously wait for the next amazing installment!

Provide Entertainment

Having entertaining blog content is something that all audiences crave.  You can tell your audience a funny story that involves you.  There’s also writing a good satire, especially during this time of uncertainty with a pandemic.  You can also create a whole post with memes, which are great for helping your blog go viral.

Whatever the type of content you choose, make sure it either makes them laugh, makes them think, or wows your audience into coming back for more.

Get Them Engaged

With everyone on social media, this is the best time to start getting more of your audience to engage with you.  Over 60% of readers are more likely to make a purchase from you if you engage them on your blog.  Create a challenge for your followers to do along with you.  Post your progress and create hashtags that people can use.  That way, you can easily find their posts and encourage them to keep going!

Do you have an amazing product to give away?  You can also write a giveaway blog post.  Write a short story about the product, such as how it came to be, or it has helped you and others in these current times.  Followers and visitors love free giveaways, and it’s great content to encourage engagement!

These are just a few of the many types of content to help get you more readers, and building long lasting relationships with them.  So put on your creative hat, and start engaging and entertaining your audience!

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