4 Tips for Making Your First Business Reel

Jackie L.


You either love them or hate them.  They get 22% more engagement than regular videos alone.  No matter what your relationship is like with this Instagram feature, there is no doubt it’s one of the best ways to get your business in front of more eyes faster.  Reels outperform all other forms of content, when it comes to reach.  If you are looking to hook people in and start following you, Reels is the way to go.

But some just feel left in the dust when it comes to this video media.  Some are camera shy.  Others don’t feel creative enough.  While some are lost on what the point is of the Reel.

We’re giving you 4 tips to help you get over your fear, and make your first Reel!

Follow the 3 E’s

There is a formula to creating a reel that people will love, and possibly go viral.  As with all your other content, you need to provide value.  Otherwise, no one will care what you have to say.  If you’re stuck on what exactly to film, follow the 3 E’s: Educate, Entertain, and Encourage.  Any type of business can benefit from this formula.  Answer these questions: How can I educate my audience?  How can I make it entertaining?  How can I encourage them to make their life better with my product or service?

Take your answers and start filming your reel!

Keep It Short

Just because you can film for 1 minute, doesn’t mean you should.  Attention spans are short.  Usually, shorter reels do better than longer ones, but this will largely depend on what your reel is about and how much value it has.  Stick to keeping your reel shorter than 15 seconds (that takes pressure off to fill 1 minute!), and hook the viewers with video and have a load of value driven content in the caption below.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

There’s another formula you should follow once you decide on what your reel is about.  You need to hook those viewers and stop them from scrolling.  You can do this with a thought provoking question that your target audience asks themselves.  After that, reel in the line.  Give tidbits of information in the text of the reel, then sink it with a Call to Action.  What do you want the viewer to do?

Keep Your CTAs Simple

The simpler the CTA, the more likely the viewer is going to follow through.  Rule of thumb is to have one CTA per reel (or any content).  More than that will confuse them.  Be clear and concise about what you want them to do.  Whether it’s “Like this reel if you agree!”  Or “What do you think?  Let’s talk in the comments!”  Whatever it is, simple, easy, and clear.

Do you feel ready to film your first reel?  Follow these tips and keep making them!  The more you create, the better you will get at filming, editing, and drawing in your audience.

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