4 Tips for Effective Website Marketing

Jackie L.


Our website is like our business card.  It has all the information that anyone visiting is going to need.  Having a business website that attracts traffic is a must for a successful business.  There are many ways we can make our website marketing work for us, and give our customers a satisfying user experience.  Knowing how to create an effective marketing strategy can really take your business off the ground and into new heights.

If you are looking to upgrade your website to be more user-friendly and attract more customers, check out these easy website marketing hacks below!

How is Your Mobile Website?

If you don’t have a mobile version of your website, you are missing out.  Over half of all people on the internet are accessing it through their mobile devices.  There’s no question about it.  You must get your mobile website going, and make sure it is user friendly. Many website hosting companies have the easy option of creating and optimizing your mobile website.  Make sure you are testing the layouts and information to see what works for your target audience.  Keep it simple, clean, and easy to see on a mobile device.

Put Your CTA Above the Fold

The best place to put the most relevant information is Above the Fold.  Above the Fold means everything that is viewable on a website without scrolling.  If you have a Call-to-Action that you want visitors to take, put it right at the top of the website, or above the fold, which is the best place.  Grab their attention even more with a brightly colored button or amazing image.  

Now, we don’t have to fit everything above this fold because visitors will scroll (think of social media and all the scrolling we do).  However, we recommend putting anything you really want them to do right at the top, so it’s one of the first things they will see right away.

Audit Website Content

Website content is another that is important here.  This may be a blog, image, or video.  As a business grows, things will change.  Even something you wrote a few months ago may become irrelevant now.  This is why we need to audit our content, at least every quarter.  Go back and see if there is anything you can update, make shorter, word a bit better, or maybe change out completely.  Having the best and most accurate content available for our visitors will help our business in the long run.

Look at the Overall Design

As always, check out the overall design of your website.  Does something seem too wordy?  Take another look at it and see if you can write it shorter and simpler.  Is the color scheme pushing people away or conveying the wrong message about your company?  See if you can change the shade of a color or may revamp it entirely.

Website marketing isn’t scary.  It’s essential to making sure our businesses continue to grow, especially with so many people moving online to shop, communicate, and better their lives.  Having a user-friendly and effective business website is a major tool to becoming a successful company!

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