4 Tips for a Visually Effective Website Design

Jackie L.


One of the things that is important with every website is a visually effective design.  The design of our website speaks volumes to the customer.  Almost 95% of a customer’s first impressions come from your website design.  If you aren’t careful with what you put into the design, it can ultimately drive the potential customer away. 

We are going to touch on some of the common design mistakes when it comes to your website, and how to fix them.

Mistake #1: Using too many colors

It’s nice to have a colorful website, but if we aren’t careful with the colors we choose, it can drive traffic away.  Simplicity is the thing to keep in mind when it comes to using the right ones.  Choose 2-3 colors for your design.  This can be one main color and two accents.  If you find you want to use more than that, we highly recommend using various shades of the same color.

Mistake #2: There’s no negative space

Negative space may sound like something you want to avoid, but when it comes to website design, it is your friend.  Avoid filling every ounce of negative space in your design.  Having some between paragraphs, photos, and graphics can help your design look less cluttered and easy to navigate.  We want potential customers to see what we have on our website, not be driven away by a mess.

Mistake #3:  Using the wrong icons

As a small business, we want to be unique and stand out in the sea of competitors.  However, this doesn’t mean using images or navigation icons that don’t make it easy to understand what is what.  For example, let’s say for the shopping cart function, you use an icon of a happy face.  You may think, “But a happy face is you being happy about shopping!”  Most customers aren’t going to automatically think that.  Even though many websites use the same icon ideas, utilizing a shopping cart or shopping bag icon that is simplistic in design is universally understood by almost everyone.

Mistake #4:  The layout is cluttered

Layout is so important.  There should be a flow to it, as it leads the customer through each page and the information it contains.  It should be easily understood, and have the information readily visible.  Try not to clutter the layout of your design.  Make sure it is also consistent throughout the website.  While it may seem more interesting to mix it up, customers like consistency.  The more consistent it is, the more likely they will want to do business with you.

Having a website design that is customer friendly, easy to navigate, and obtain the information are the key factors to whether it will get you traffic or drive it away.  If you find you made one of these common mistakes, never fret!  They are easy to change.  A simple website brings more traffic than one with too much in your face.

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