4 SEO Mistakes You May Be Making

Jackie L.


Almost 70% of all online experiences begin with a search on search engines like Google.  That’s why we still need to be optimizing our websites for search engines.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  When we talk about SEO, this means there are steps you take to make your website better so search engines can find it easier.  If you find that Google is not ranking your website as high as you like, or worse, you don’t find it on a search at all, it may be time to revisit SEO and see if you are committing some of these common mistakes.

There isn't any Quality Content

This is a huge SEO mistake when it comes to search engines ranking your website.  Not only is it important to provide valuable content for people who visit your website, but it’s equally important for when search engines crawl your website.  Having high value content, like blogs, videos, and the like, can greatly increase your website ranking.  Search engines will show people that your website is closest to what they are searching for.

Images are not Optimized

What does that mean, “an optimized image”?  As search engines crawl your website, they are looking for image loading times.  If your image is too large or loads slowly, your ranking will be greatly affected by this.  This common SEO mistake is telling the crawlers that your website has poor user experience and is not a good match for someone searching for a product or service like yours.  

Make sure all your images are optimized to a file size that will make them load faster, so visitors don’t get frustrated.

People Leave Quickly

Your website may not be ranking high on search engines because of your bounce rate.  A high bounce rate means that people are visiting your website and leaving ASAP.  This common SEO mistake means that there’s something about your website that they find unsuitable.  It could be website design, layout, user experience, load times, or lack of valuable content.

Your Keywords are Missing 

When you create your website and content, you should have researched keywords or phrases that your target audience is using to find products and services like yours.  If you are missing these important keywords, your search engine ranking will tank.  This takes time, but once you find those keywords and phrases, use them appropriately throughout your content and website so that it comes up higher on their search.

SEO doesn’t need to be complex.  There are many easy fixes to very common mistakes, especially if you are optimizing on your own.  Making sure your website is optimized quarterly will guarantee great rankings on search engines results!

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