4 Secrets to a Successful Blog

Jackie L.


Blog content that speaks to readers and gets them to take a Call-to-Action is like a fine art.  It takes time, practice, and patience to find the right elements that truly hit your message home.  Blog content needs to share all the information your audience needs to make the decision to purchase from you.  Around 30% of readers say quality content makes a blog credibile in their eyes.

If you feel like your blog content just isn't hitting the mark, check out these simple things that can turn a good article into one that converts readers to customers.

Be The First With Breaking News

One way to grow an audience is to be the first to report on the latest and greatest news in your industry.  This shows that you are involved in your industry at a professional and passionate level.  You want your audience to know what is going on before anyone else.

There are several ways to keep track of what's going on without much work.  You can subscribe to RSS feeds with specific keywords and have those articles come to your inbox.  You can head over to Google and see what is happening with its top trending search function.  As always, check your social media feed of those in your industry.

First Impressions are Everything

The opening of your blog content is the most important part in getting your audience's attention.  A weak opening can instantly send those readers packing.

So, how can you get your audience intrigue with what you are about to tell them?  Use the APP method.  First it comes down to your target audience's problem.  Start with some points on how you agree this is a problem your audience has.  Agree the problem is frustrating or discouraging to show you care about how they are feeling.  Next, make a Promise.  Tell your readers that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Lastly, give them a Preview.  An introduction (or preview) is a summary about what they are going to learn in your blog post.

Don't Let Making a Sale be the Topic

We all dislike being forced to purchase something, even in a brick-and-mortar store. Don't let your blog post be that pushy shop owner!  The majority of visitors to your blog are not looking to be sold to.  They want answers to their problems, which is how they found your blog.  So leave the sales pitch at the door, and strictly for advertising.

Don't Sound like a Know it All

As we write blog content, we want visitors to feel we are an expert in our field.  However, do not write your content in a tone that makes you sound you know better than them.  That's an instant way to turn them off.  Explain things in simple terms that anyone can understand.  The easier the information is understood, the easier it is for the reader to take that Call-to-Action.  Don't let your content's main message or goal be muddied by too much explanation.  The golden rule is simple, easy to read, and shows readers you can solve their problem.

In order to have great and engaging blog content, you need to be and sound like an authority to trust in your industry.  Show that you can solve your audience's problems with your business.  These are just a few things you can start using today, so you can convert more visitors to loyal, repeat customers!

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