4 Painless Ways to Generate Leads

Jackie L.


Are you having trouble with lead generation, or grabbing those potential customers?  Posting on your website, creating ads, or posting to social media is sometimes not enough to convince customers to purchase from you.  There are many ways you can creatively gather new customers without putting forth much effort.

Let’s take a look at 4 painless ways to generate leads, and start selling.

A Webinar with a Purchase

Webinars are a great way to attract customers.  Webinars are usually 1 hour long.  You will spend about 30 minutes talking about a pain point your target audience has and how they can solve it.  At the end of the webinar, you offer them your product or service that can help them further.  The main point is to educate your audience.  The sub point is to get them to purchase the product.  

Make sure your presentation is crafted to brand image, with a logo and utilizing your business colors.  Have contact information easily available throughout the presentation.  Make sure to answer any questions your audience will have.

Explaining in a Video

If you are on a video website, like Youtube or Vimeo, you can use an explainer video to help sell your product or service.  Almost 65% of customers make a purchase after viewing an explainer video.  Even if you think your product or service is pretty straight forward, there will always be someone who needs more than a description to help them make a purchase.  Watching how it works and how it helps can convince them further.

social media

Try a Social Media Challenge

You may be thinking you could just advertise this on social media, but you can gather much more customer data (think emails) by having people sign up for the challenge on a landing page.  Give them the rules, what’s expected from them, hashtags to use, and the best part…  The prizes they can win if they participate in the challenge!  Not only are you attracting potential customers, but you are using your audience to help market for you.

Offer a How-To Freebie

We’ve talked about giving out a freebie in exchange for email addresses from your customers.  A great freebie is a How-To Guide!  Create the downloadable document in your brand colors.  Make it as beginner friendly as possible.  If you have a hard time keeping it for a beginner, have a friend who has no experience with your product read it and give feedback.  

In less than a few hours, you can create amazing lead generation that potential customers will love.  Keep it simple, offer education and value, and you will see more sales come through.

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