4 Obsolete Things to Toss Off Your Website

Jackie L.


It’s 2022.  While the incredible spike in online shopping and the majority of the world turning to the internet for information and business info, your website should be up to date with the times.  Around 75% of your business credibility comes from website design.  Don’t be the business that’s awesome but has so few customers because they have an obsolete website.

Let’s take a look at some things that you should 100% toss off your website today.

Anything Flash

In website design, flash is so last decade.  While it was the thing to have in…  What? The 90s? It’s time to kick it to the curb.  Flash does a lot of things that aren’t good for customer traffic.  One, it slows down your website loading time.  It slows it down so much that people will leave your website quicker than you can blink.  And, all it is useful for is a flashy intro.  You don’t need that.

Outdated Content

Did you write a fantastic blog 10 years ago?  Is the “Copyright 1999” still at the bottom of the website?  Are you using fonts that are old school (and not in a good way)?  It’s time to update those!  If you don’t keep things up to date, visitor traffic will assume you aren’t doing business anymore.

If you started a topic bank for your blog, you can start writing fresh, new content easily.  Also take time to change anything with a date on it.  Set a reminder at the new year to go through your website and change these each year.  

Poor Grammar and Spelling Mistakes

This is 2022.  Absolutely under no circumstances should your website design contain any grammatical mistakes or misspellings.  We understand that time is of the essence but there is always time for you to proofread your website content.  If you don’t have time to do this, think about hiring a family member or a freelancer to check your website for mistakes.

Clutter…Clutter Everywhere!

We have consistently talked about how a cluttered website design is a bad design.  A busy website design not only looks messy, it makes it incredibly hard for visitors to know what they are looking at or looking for.  The trend of simple and minimal website design continues, even in 2022.  The simpler you make everything, the better your user experience.  The better your user experience, the higher your business website will rank in search engine searches.

Is your website design outdated after reading this?  Now is the time to change that!  Bring new life and better the user experience so that you have higher traffic volumes and see you as a leader in  your industry!

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