4 Mistakes to Avoid with Email Newletters

Jackie L.


Are you not seeing your email newsletters converting like they should be?

Your email newsletters are one of the best ways to reach the audience that really wants to buy from you.  They are your super fans.  But sometimes, you notice those newsletter not hitting the goal you want them to be doing.  

If you are wondering what you may be doing wrong, let’s look at some mistakes, and the solutions that can help you!

No Personalization

We’ve mentioned before that email newsletters need to be personalized.  When you add personalization to an email, it is more likely to connect with the customer.  When you personalize an email, it has a 50% higher chance of being opened and increasing the click rate.  When you gather customer data, also be sure to add a NAME field so that you can personalize email newsletters.

It’s Not Optimized for Mobile

More and more emails are being opened on a mobile device.  Just like a website, if it’s not optimized for mobile devices, chances are customers are deleting the email soon after it’s opened.  Most email newsletter hosting sites have the option to design the mobile version of your newsletter.  Make sure to use this feature and have an amazing email that can be easily read and clicked on in both desktop and mobile versions.

The CTA isn’t Obvious

No matter how well your email is designed nor how much amazing information you put in it, if you Call To Action misses your readers, you won’t see the click rate increase or see more sales.  Call to Actions, or CTA, needs to be obvious, clear, and to the point.  Text wise, make sure you readers know exactly what they should be doing.  Then, make a brightly colored, not easily missed button for them to click on and take that action.

Missing a Pre-Header or Using a Default

Pre-headers are incredibly important.  When you open your email client, you will usually see a little sample of what is in the email.  When you see that sample, you determine whether you want to open it or delete it.  Instead of using a default pre-header, or not using at all, you can edit it when you create your newsletter.  Write it in a way that encourages your subscribers to open the email.

When you fix these common mistakes in your email newsletter, you will increase both open and click rates.  Your email newsletters are for your super fans, so make sure you give them value and encourage them to follow through on Call to Actions.

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