4 Mistakes to Avoid with Customer Service

Jackie L.


Whether you are online or a brick-and-mortar store, how you conduct your customer service will largely determine if your business succeeds or not.  Over 96% of customers say their brand loyalty is largely affected by how good the customer service is.  This shows you that if you are not focusing on customer service and the customer experience, it’s a good indicator that your business is not doing well.

Let’s go over a few mistakes you may be making and how to fix them.

The Customer Journey is Too Difficult

There is a journey that customers take to make a purchase and continue to shop from you.  If you make that journey too difficult or confusing, they are going to leave before you even have a chance to win them over.  This can be caused by not having a detailed plan of how they purchase from you.  It can also be lacking communication along the way when the customer may need help.  Or your messaging is too confusing for them to understand what you are about

How to fix this:  Make a plan, and get extremely detailed about the journey!  No detail is too small to leave out when it comes to making the customer a loyal one.  Also, have the customer service channels open so that communication is consistent with potential customers.

Not Rewarding The Loyal Customers

You may have quite a few loyal customers, and it’s known that it costs less to keep them than it is to find new ones.  When it comes to a loyalty system, business can tend towards focusing on rewarding new customers more than the loyal ones.  Don’t forget about the ones who currently support your business.

How to fix this:  Make sure you have a robust customer loyalty program that rewards your current customers.  This can be anything that they can enjoy throughout their time with you, such as free shipping, redeeming points, or special discounts.

Contacting You is Frustrating

Customers want to know how they can contact you, and they want it to be easy.  Customers will leave a business if contacting you is incredibly difficult or frustrating.  No one wants to go hunting for contact information, or find that customer service is completely unresponsive.

How to fix this:  Have your communication channels in an obvious place.  Make sure to have several options available as each customer will want to communicate in different ways.  Be sure to also give a notice of how long to expect a response so this leaves out any frustration when an answer from you takes longer than normal.

You Don’t Utilize Social Media

Social media is the gateway for many customers coming to know your business.  If you have been avoiding social media, for whatever reasons, now’s the time to get your presence on there!  You are missing out on many potential customers if you avoid social media.

How to fix this: Pick 1-2 platforms to start out on.  This will largely depend on your demographics, but the most popular are Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Develop a strategy on how to reach your audience and provide value content they will enjoy from you.

If your customer service is stellar, it’s guaranteed that your business will soar.  Avoid these mistakes to help you develop the best customer service experience possible.

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