4 Mind-Blowing SEO Tips for Businesses

Jackie L.


Is your website page ranking less than stellar?  It could be because of your website optimization.  When you don’t go in several times a year to fix issues or update based on algorithm trends, search engines can list your website lower and lower on the results pages.  SEO can seem like a huge time waste but it is so important to make sure people can find your website quickly.  Without SEO, over 50% of Google search results get zero clicks.  That’s ZERO clicks!

If you are seeing traffic trickle in ever so slowly, let’s take a look at some SEO tips that can help you.

Written On-Page Content

We don’t want you to think that you have to optimize absolutely everything on a page to get it ranked.  Some of the most important things to think about when optimizing is the copy written for the website, which includes the content itself, keywords, meta-descriptions, and page titles.

When writing content, be sure to choose a well-researched target keyword.  Check that this keyword appears enough times throughout your piece.  Make sure the content is relevant to the keyword.  Always present the problem your target audience is having and give them the answer.

Search engines will rank websites higher when their content presents the problem someone has plus the answer on how to solve the problem.

Clean Out the Content Closet

As you start collecting a library of content, older content may not be performing as well as you would like.  Keeping this content on your website can affect your ranking on search engines.  This SEO tip is to go into your content library and start cleaning house.  Look at pieces that have a low performance, and do one of two things; delete it or rewrite it so it’s updated, if possible.  You could change the keywords, update it with more current information, or make it shorter or longer.

Build Your Brand Authority

One of the best SEO tips we can give is to build your business up as an authority in your industry.  If you do this, search engines are likely to rank your website high on result pages.  Building authority is incredibly easy.  You will want to post to your blog and social media consistently, do a few guest posts on other blogs in your industry, and consistently show up with value for your target audience with content that is in line with what they want to read.

Add a CTA (Call to Action)

Search engines look for another important element on your webpages; they convert visitors into customers.  Make sure you have a strong and enticing CTA on relevant content pages.  Make sure the Call to Action is in line with the visitors intent on your website.  If your content talks about how your product or service can help them, stick in an amazing CTA to begin the conversion process.  

Taking the time to research your target audience, the keywords they use most, and answering their questions in your content is a guaranteed way to help your website rank higher on search engine results.

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