4 Design Mistakes that Make People Leave

Jackie L.

Anyone can design a website.  There are so many beginner-friendly options with web hosts that can help you build a website and get your business out there.  However, even though building the website is easy, you can still make design mistakes that will end up driving people away.

You want to keep people on your website.  You want them to navigate it easily, find what they need, and make a purchase.  Let’s look at 4 design mistakes you are making, and how you can easily fix those!

So Much Stuff!

The number one design mistake most businesses make is an overcrowded website.  They try to pack everything into a tiny space.  With so much information, it overwhelms the visitor and they click the back button quicker than you can blink.

Your website design needs to be simple with only the most important information on the homepage.  Think about what you want the visitors to know the moment they get to your website.  Also be careful of the color choice.  Keep it to a gradation of one color or two colors.

Slowly Loading Website

There’s nothing worse than a website that takes forever to load.  Up to 85% of visitors to a website will leave it if loading times take too long. But what is too long?

I hate to say this but anything taking 8 seconds or longer will have people leaving.  This is where testing your website for any lag is going to help you fix this design mistake.  Optimize images to sizes that are small and load quickly.  If you have ads on your website, optimize those.  Get rid of any javascript that is being used on your website.  Keep testing your website speeds until you get it loaded within 8 seconds or less.

No Call-to-Action

It’s been said time and time again: you need a Call-to-Action on your website.  This design mistake can cost you valuable lead generation opportunities.  When there is no CTA, the visitors have no idea what you want them to do.  Make sure these CTAs are in an obvious place, above the fold on your website, and are clearer than a bright sunny day.  And, place them in many places on the website as visitors scroll.

Poor Navigation

Think about your website browsing experience.  Have you ever visited a website where it was just too difficult to find what you are looking for?  Don’t commit this design mistake.  Navigation should be a no brainer for visitors.  Your main navigation should be simple and contain as few options as possible.  Create a drop down menu from that navigation, but make sure it is clear and takes customers where they need to go.  No one wants to go on a goose chase.

It can be easy to make these design mistakes, especially if you do it yourself.  The most important thing to do when creating your website design is to test it until it’s at its most optimal user experience.  

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